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gy6-200 GY6-B case

GY6-200 GY6-B type 3 case is a variant of the traditional GY6-150 engine. The standard gy6 has 54mm spacing between the cylinder head stud holes, whereas the -B variant case has 57mm spacing. This allows for a larger cylinder and head. The original gy6 was only 125cc, whereas the newer -B case is intended to be a 150cc all the way up to 232cc!
These are used in the highly reliable and fast SYM HD-200 scooter.
We have customers that use these engines and parts in Ruckus GY6 conversions as well as Razor 170.
These can also use our gy6-150 bottom end performance parts like clutches, springs, variators, etc.
Not sure what "-B" gy6 you have? There are many gy6-b engines out there. We make it easy for you to figure out what you have and are also setting some nomenclature standards in our tech section at this link under the article "Trying to figure out the whole B-case thing"

GY6-200 complete performance engine
Big bore, high quality complete 161QMK long case engine, ready to bolt into your existing 125/150 engine slot. Works with all 150 parts including carbs, exhaust, etc. Comes complete with  remote oil cooler. Don't spend all the expense and labor building a big bore, just get a drop in replacement, as these use the same mounting and many of the same parts as a standard GY6. These are a pretty unique engine found rarely. We've got a limited supply of these, and have priced them at the usual ScrappyDogs low wholesale cost.  Delivery is for the lower 48 states, but other locations delivery available upon request. This is a complete engine assembly unlike other kits. Don't get an unwelcome surprise.  Makes about 10HP and 7.5 ft/lbs of torque in standard form, but can make up to 18hp depending on periphial equipment and tuning. Belt case is no longer chrome, but we have some available on this page as separate item.  Limitied supply of these big boys in stock.$599.95 
GY6-232cc Water Cooled top end
 Taida 67mm water cooled big bore top end for gy6-200 -B case engines with 57mm stud spacing. These are the ultimate in GY6 and are top quality Taiwanese made to special order. Includes water cooled top end, radiator, electric water pump, forged piston. Is 75.2mm high so you don't need a cylinder riser spacer. Works with our stroker crank below.  $599.95
Forged pistons now come in your choice of 2 valve or 4 valve!
choose your valve pockets
GY6-B tall BBK
 Taida Big Bore air cooled Taiwanese kit in 67mm! Fits -B cases with 57mm stud spacing only. It's 75.2mm high so you don't need a spacer under cylinder and is designed to work with our 8200 stroker crank below. Gives 232cc of Taiwan power. Give you Ruckus or other chinese/taiwanese/Kymco scooter the unequal power that no one can mess with. Looks stock from the outside. In stock! $299.95
Big valve, 4 valve head
 Holy Crap! how much more power can you get out of these scooters! This is the big valve version of our 4 valve head. We have this for the standard gy6 and also for our oil cooled gy6-200 engine. Has 23mm intakes and 22mm exhausts. Super good quality Taiwanese manufacture. Comes with assembled head, cam cover, camshaft and retainer frame, extended chain ( if using our stroker crank), studs, insulators, gaskets. Everything in one super duper kit and in stock in the USA for only $549.95
choose which engine
GY6-B oversized cylinder head
 Big bore, Taida Taiwanese quality, big valve head for the gy6-200 -B case 57mm stud spacing GY6! These parts have not been available till now!
Fits 63mm to 67mm cylinders, water or air cooled. Have 30.5mm intake valve and 26.5 exhaust valves! In stock! $199.95
Engine case boring tool
 Engine Case Boring Tool for 2-stroke Minarelli engines, 50cc 4-stroke QMB139 engines and 150cc 4-stroke GY6 engines.
Do your own case boring and save!
Bore up to 67mm
Hardware and allen wrench included.
GY6 232cc stroker crank 8200
 Taida 8200 series 66mm stroker crank for gy6-200 -B case and standard gy6 engines. When used with our tall water cooled kit it does not require a spacer for the cylinder to be raised. These are the longest stroke at +9mm over original, and are in stock. For the serious gy6 builder only! Taiwanese ultra high quality. NOT chinese junk. These actually come with extended cylinder/head studs and longer chain!
Super High Torque Starter motor GY6
 You've built that stroker big bore engine and now your wimpy stock starter won't turn over that high compression engine very well, or at all if you've done a 232cc in your ruckus conversion or racing scooter. This is the solution. Super high torque starter motor delivers big power to get 'em started fast and easy. Recommend going high gauge wires at least 8 gauge and have at least a 7amp or 9amp battery. $139.95
Bolt Box Fully Programmable Digital ignition advance CDI

Plainly said, you are not getting the most power out of your engine unless you have full control of your ignition timing advance. There is no other product on the market like this. The Bolt Box allows you to configure your timing in one degree increments up to 60 degrees advance in 1k rpm segments in real time and without a computer with the intuitive menu buttons on the face. This also allows you to set you rev limit to any speed and is capable of 19,900 rpm's. You can also switch between two ignition maps with the flick of a switch mounted on your handlebar. While running, this unit also functions as a digital tachometer! The Bolt Box is fully compatible with the AC ignition stators found on most scooters today. With the addition of our Inverter, you can go fully DC and eliminate the stator completely! Nonvolatile EEPROM configuration memory keeps your settings internally for life even without power. Made in Europe with an American brand microprocessor and ultra fast capacitor, this is not for the amateur, but for those that are or are going to be doing all the big modifications and want to ensure they are getting the full potential and bang for the buck from their engine, and this does it. This requires some simple wiring and an elementary understanding of electrics, but includes full instructions and schematics. Works with ALL scooter brands from any country and also works with any single cylinder motorcycle, 2T or 4T. At $179.95 the Bolt Box can't be beat. Limited quantities in stock, so get them while you can!
Bolt Box Inverter
This is the DC to AC inverter you need for the Bolt Box listed above to run in full DC mode. This is the preferable setup for clean and reliable power delivery and eliminates your erratic AC ignition stator. Sold for only $49.95 and made in Europe, this is fully sealed and built to last.
Taida Koso High Performance GY6 Oil Pump
Super flow billet oil pump for all GY6 based engines. Why would you spend all that time and money on your scoot just to leave that low flow, cheap, unreliable oil pump? Oil is the life blood of any engine. Don't get cheap. Get this for only $79.95 and don't forget to get some good synthetic oil from us! (Listed in the Scooter Assesories section) We'll throw in free shipping on this one for a limited time.
Longer performance cam chain guides
 Here is a set of high quality Taida Taiwanese made longer cam chain guides for those strokers and gy6 and Taida based engines. Keeps that cam chain from rattling about at high speeds. Cheap performance and security upgrade at $29.95
Taida 232cc billet cam cover
 Every well built bad to the bone engine deserves a crown! CNC machined from solid billet 6061 aluminum, this sets you off as built! Shows you have a 232 and not some wimpy stock GY6. Cooling fins and efficient oil vent baffle make this a perfect performance item. This is for the 2 valve head and is in stock. 4 valve cover available on special order. Usually about a week as these are built on demand. $199.95
Performance OKO 30 & 32mm CVK carburetors
Super good quality OKO carburetor with the performance flat slide throttle, pumper, reliable electric choke, large float bowl, Keihin components, #40 pilot and and comes with extra #38 and #42 jets. This carb is a must for anyone wanting to get more speed and acceleration out to their moto. The flat slide reduces veturi eddying, which results in not only better air flow, but more consistent fuel/air mixture ration. Ever seem like your bike ran weird on some days, and not others? It wasn't you, it was your cheap round slide carb. Step up to the plate and stop fooling around. Go fast, and going fast at only $139.95 
Comes in two different sizes.
choose your size
GY6-200 cylinder head complete
 Complete, assembled and ready to use cylinder head for the gy6-200 we sell as well as other -B case scooter engines.
GY6-200 top end rebuild kit
 Complete top end rebuild kit for our gy6-200 or any -B case engine. This includes 61mm cylinder, piston, rings, circlips, wrist pin and gaskets.
gy6-200 piston/ring kit
 Piston, rings, wrist pin, and circlips for our gy6-200 in 61mm size. Can also be used for other gy6-B's with 57mm stud spacing.
GY6-200 gasket kit
 Special gasket set made just for the gy6-200 -B case engines.
Gy6-200 Cam cover
 Complete 2 bolt cam cover set for the QMK GY6-B case engines as shown. Comes with cover, rubber gasket, 2 bolts and seals!
GY6-200 variator kit
 Rebuild that worn variator with genuine parts. Includes both face plates, ramps, rollers, inner bushing and pressure plate as shown in the picture.
GY6-200 stator kit
 Complete 11pole stator generator alternator with pickup trigger used in our -B case gy6-200 engines. These may also fit other engines as well.
GY6-200 oil seal kit
 Oil seal kit for -B case engines as seen in the picture.
161QMK right half crankcase
 Right side crankcase for 161qmk, gy6-200 or any -B case with 57mm stud spacing. This kit includes new cylinder studs and both oil cooler banjo fittings. This is a great kit to upgrade to oil cooling or repair that goof up overtightening the oil lines. $59.95
161QMK right side case cover
 Right side case cover for 161qmk gy6-200 and other B case 57mm engines. This covers the starter clutch and oil pump. Also holds the dip stock and much of the oil capacity. These often get damaged in a wreck and will leak oil.  $39.95
Taiwanese performance cams
 Top quality performance camshafts in three different configurations. These come in T-one (high 5.5mm lift) T-100 (for midrange) and T-300 (for top end).
These cams are high heat treated and ground to shape. Good quality bearings. These are for the discerning engine builder only who knows what they are doing and knows what they want. Fits standard GY6 engines as well as our gy6-200 and the BN 150. Choose your cam below for only $109.95
Choose your grind
94 link cam chain
 94 link cam chain for use with stroker cranks. We also have the 96 link. These are genuine quality chains made by Kymco. $19.95
fuel pump
Vacuum operated fuel pump is found on scoots and atv's that have the fuel tank at, or below the carburetor level, like the Flagship CF250, VOG,  and Honda Ruckus. Pretty much universal and only requires a vacuum line. These are great for custom builds also. $34.95 
GY6-200 Big bore engine assembly
OOF! Big bore 200cc engine assembly for your ATV/buggy/4wheeler finally! This is a complete engine that will fit in your buggy 125 or 150cc application with little or no modifications. Comes with forward,neutral, and reverse gear shifting transmission short case. Will attach to existing remote shift systems also. Heavy duty design is built to performance and last. Much better than original. Even has a remote oil cooling system. $624.95 
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