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Vento vthunder colt 2V49FMM

We are beginning to gear up our inventory of this engine and chassis style as they are becoming more common.
Please let us know what parts you are looking for, and/or what you think might be most popular.
Vento V thunder, Vento Colt, Diamo Cruiser 250, Yamaha XV250 XV-250, QJ250V(Keeway Dorado, Vento Colt250/V-thunder etc.), LF250, JL250V Roketa Vado MC-18, Hi-Bird Chongquing, Lifan LF250, Keeway / QJ Dorada, Kingring JL250, Rhino Hunter Sport chopper, Trinity ChopStick Chopper by PeaceMaker Choppers and others.

VE2V49FMM engine parts fiche here

V-twin clutch cable
Clutch cable for the Vento v thunder, colt, Roketa vado, Lifan LF250, Keeway/QJ Dorada, Kingring jl250v, Hi-bird, etc. Hard to find at any price. $39.95 

V-Twin Carburetor
This is the down draft, push/pull dual throttle cable carburetor for the 2v49fmm v-twin engines found in the vento v-thunder, roketa, lifan, hi-bird, keeway, kingring, and other. Vento sells these for 325 bucks! Just as surprising, get them much cheaper at only 149.95, and you'll actually receive it in 2-3 days, as we ship priority mail the same day as your order.

V-twin intake manifold
Stock original intake manifold is quality QJ construction for your 250cc V-twin like V-thunder and Colt, as well as Keeway Dorado, etc. $29.95 

Vento V-thunder/Colt XV250 cylinder/piston rebuild kit
Much better than stock top end rebuild kit for your Vento V-thunder, Keeway, Diamo, Yamaha XV250. Comes complete with QJ brand cylinder, piston, wrist pin, circlip, head gasket, cylinder gasket, exhaust gasket. Get 'em delivered quick and cheap at only $99.95 each. Shipping is free on the second kit. Comes in front and/or rear.
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Vento V-thunder/Colt - Diamo - complete head kit.
Get this kit that gives you not only the complete, assembled head, with valves, springs, rocker arms, camshaft, complete. Better than stock, and less expensive than Yamaha OEM parts, but definate QJ quality.  $179.95 each. Get free shipping on your second head kit.

V-Thunder 334cc Big Bore Kit!
 This had NEVER been offered anywhere, for any price. Leave it to ScrappyDogs to get this on the market.  Set of 55mm big bore cylinders with matching pistons and rings for the XV250 type engine found in the yamaha virago, Vento V-thunder, Vento Colt, Diamo Cruiser, and many customer small bore choppers that have been made for years. Get the extra grunt and oomph you need! $599.95 for a complete set of front and back top end kits. Forged piston kit available by special request and order. Add 100 dollars for forged option.
XV-250 CDI ignition module
This is a brand new quality CDI ignition module for all those 250 v-twins including the XV250, Vento V-thunder, COLT, Keeway, etc. You can't get these from Vento, and Yamaha wants twice as much for one. QJ brand for ScrappyDog price. $124.95

V-twin Vento Diamo Roketa voltage regulator
Quality replacement voltage regulator rectifier for your XV-250 v twin motorcycle like Vento, Lifan, Roketa, Diamo, etc. $79.95

V-twin Vento Diamo Roketa Ignition coil
Quality replacement ignition coils to get your bike up and running again. $39.95

Vento V-thunder/colt stator generator unit
Complete stator/generator, alternator unit with ignition pickup trigger sensor and all wires, ready to hook up to your Vento Vthunder and colt, and  XV250, Roketa, Lifan, etc. 250cc V-twin. Cheap price for good quality. $149.95

Engine stator flywheel rotor
Demagnatization of stator flywheels can be a frustratingly difficult problem to diagnose. Get this new one that is sure to work. $39.95 

250 v-twin electric starter motor
Vento V-thunder/colt and XV250 electric starter. Good QJ quality is better than stock. Can't find this anywhere more affordably at new low price! $149.95!

XV Flasher/relay (self-cancelling)
We finally got 'em in! After much searching, we've got the 6 wire, self cancelling turn signal flasher relays for Vento Colt and Vthunders. In stock and ready for immediate delivery. $39.95 

Starter Clutch
Here is a brand new Lifan built starter clutch for the V-twin 250. You can't get these from Vento, nor anywhere else for any price. We ship same day via priority mail. $99.95

250 V-twin complete clutch assembly
Complete clutch assembly for your Vento Vthunder and colt, and other XV250 based engines. Comes with plates, springs, pressure plate, everything for a plug and play application. Get that broken bike back on the road for a great price! $149.95 

XV250 Clutch plate set
Complete matching drive and driven clutch plate set for your XV250 V-twin cycle models listed above. Got a slipping clutch, or won't work right? $49.95 

Vento Vthunder/colt XV250 De-clutcher
Here is that little part that no one has. This cam rod Declutcher for your vtwin 250. We ship same day as payment. With seal. $39.95 ***discontinued***

NGK spark plug
Quality replacement NGK spark plug for your 250 vtwin Vento, Diamo, Lifan, Keeway Dorado, etc. $3.95

Air filter
Replacement air filter for Vento Vthunder and Colt, as well as the other Vtwin bikes listed above. This is a common expendable maintenace item with the oil filter and spark plugs. Exclusive provider here, and cheap to boot! $9.95 

Air intake boot
 Little rubber boot between the carb and the airbox. These are always getting dry rotted and causing an air leak.
Dont' take a chance when this is only $14.95
XV oil filter
Keep your bike maintained with this QJ quality oil filter. Fits 250 V-twin XV engine like in Vento, Diamo, Lifan, Keeway etc. $9.95 

Complete XV250 gasket set
Every gasket you need for the XV250 engine found in the Vento V-thunder, Colt, and many other v-twin 250 engines. Head, cylinder, timing, generator, stator, exhaust gaskets included. $24.95

XV-250 complete oil seal kit
Everything you need to get those old seals replaced in your V-twin engine. $14.95 

Vthunder/Colt igntion key set
Complete igntion key swtich set with seat lock, locking gas cap. This is a direct bolt on replacement, and actually has the Vento logo on it. $69.95 

Vento Vthunder/colt Diamo cruiser rear brake pads
Finally some replacement pads for the rear caliper brakes of these popular bikes. Sold as a pair. $24.95 

front brake pads
Replacement front brake pads for vthunder and other XV style bikes listed about. Sold as a matching pair for just  $24.95

Vthunder rear brake disc brke rotor
You gotta be kidding, we even have these in stock. These often get warped and become useless. Can't get these from Vento or anywhere else. Fit many models listed above too. $39.95 

Service and repair manual
Full service and repair manual for your Vento V thunder, colt, Keeway cruiser, QJ, Diamo cruiser, 2V49FMM V-twin 250cc motorcycle. Can't find this anywhere else for any price. On handy compact disc. $24.95 

V-twin replacement chain
Got a wore out chain and don't know where to turn? Here is a geniune factory replacement drive chain ready to install. $49.95

Vento Vthunder & Colt sprocket set
Original replacement equipment for your Vento Chinese cruise motorcycles like Vento Vthunder and others listed above. Comes as a set of front and rear sprockets as you should replace them. We also carry the chain. $59.95 

Crankshaft assembly
Got a knocking rod? Rumbling main bearings? Get it replaced here with a brand now quality crank for your XV250 engine 2V49FMM. $179.95 

XV Crankcase
Complete matching crankcases for your XV250 V-twin. Will fit all standard components. Easy and cheap fix. $149.95 

Left side switch cluster
Complete left side switch cluster includes horn button, high/low beam, left side turn signal switch, choke lever.  $39.95

Right side switch cluster
Right side cluster with throttle housing,  starter button, kill switch, right side turn signal switch. Fits Vento's and even 90's Harley Davidson's. $39.95 while supplies last.

Engine oil pump
Replacement quality QJ oil pump. Fits all standard XV250 2V49FMM engines. $39.95 

Rear brake master cylinder
Rear master cylinder with brake resevoir. $49.95 

Front brake master cylinder w/lever
Complete, new front brake master cylinder for Vento Vthunder, Colt, and others listed above. $49.95

Front right side brake lever
Custom chrome front brake lever for Vento Colt and V-thunder. Will also fit 90's era Harley Davidson big twins, Sportsters, and Buell's. $19.95 

Speedometer cable
Speedo cable fits all the models listed above. Available for the first time. $19.95 

choke cable
QJ quality replacement choke cable for your XV based cycle like Vento colt and vthunder, etc. $19.95 

Throttle cable
Complete push/pull throttle assembly for your XV based v-twin motorcycles. Comes with both cables. Easy assembly. $39.95

Transmission gear set
Full transmission gear and shaft set. Complete, ready to install. $99.95 

Vthunder/colt fuel valve petcock
Fuel valve petcock switch that attaches to the fuel tank. While supplies last on these, as there will be no more restock. Get that old rubber valve replaced right now while you can. $44.95 

XV fuel pump
There is not only a fuel valve, but also a fuel pump. Fits Vento Vthunder and Colt.  $44.95

neutral switch
Replacement neutral switch for 250 v twin engine. $8.99 

Vthunder front fender
Brand new, ready to paint, front fender for the Vthunder! We finally got 'em in, but supplies are limited. $44.95 
Vthunder rear fender
Brand new, ready to custom paint, rear fender for you Vento Vthunder. How do we find these things? CHeap! $49.95

Vthunder front tire
 Better than stock Shinko 110/80-16 SR567 55s tire for the front of your Vento Vthunder, Colt, Diamo, Keeway 250 vtwin motorcycle.
Vthunder rear tire
 Better than stock Shinko 120/80-16 SR568 60P tire for the front of your Vento Vthunder, Colt, Diamo, Keeway, etc Vtwin 250 motorcycle.
Vthunder front seat
 How do we keep coming up with all these impossible to find parts at these incredible prices, or at any price?
Here it is. Full and complete front seat for the Vento Vthunder and other Yamaha 250 Virago type clones.
Comes with the cool studs too.
Vthunder rear seat
 We've got the front seat, and now we have the rear seat!
XV shift lever linkage
Complete shift lever and linkage for Vento Vthunder and Colt. Also fits many cruiser models listed about. One of a kind find. Brand new from the original factory. $44.95 

Vthunder backrest and pad
New backrest with pad for your Vento Vthunder. All years. $39.95

9AMP battery
Genuine DynaVolt brand conventional battery, model number 12N9-4B-1. 12v, 9ah. Fits Vento vthuner, colt, Keeway Dorado, and other models listed above, as well as any battery box that can fit these dimensions: 5 1/2" tall, 5 1/4" wide, and 2 15/16" deep. $44.95!

Vthunder windshield
 Complete original equipment replacement windshield kit for Vento Vthunder and Colt and many other similar bikes listed above! Not found anywhere else. We now have the greatly improved windshield for an unbeatable price. These shield are made of high impact 3/16" Lexan, features quick release mounting hardware, stainless steel straps, and anodized aluminum hardware. $119.95
Vthunder/colt mirror set
Complete set of custom chrome mirrors for your Vento Vtwin motorcycle. Fits many others listed above. $39.95 

Complete XV250 engine
Fully assembled and complete 250 Vtwin engine to replace those found in many Chinese motorcycles like the Vento's, and even a Yamaha! These are also used in many small custom chopper projects. Cheaper than ever. Limited inventory, and we may not be able to re-stock once these are gone. $995.95
Vento V-thunder tail light
Full tail light assembly for your Vento V-thunder. All years.$39.95

A-3603 bulb
This bulb is found in some scooters and also running lights, like in the Vento V-thunder. Get it fast in 18/18 watt. $4.95
No. Subassy. Part Description QTY
1 Cylinder Cylinder, Front 1
2 Cylinder, Rear 1
3 Crankshaft/Piston assy Crankshaft Comp. 1
4 Piston(with pin,circlip) 2
5 Piston Ring Assy. 2
6 Cylinder Head Cylinder Head,Front 1
7 Cylinder Head,Rear 1
8 Valve oil seal 4
9 Gasket Complete gaskets kit 2
10 Intake/Exhaust system Intake Valve 2
11 Exhaust Valve 2
12 Valve rocker arm assy. 4
13 Camshaft I & II 1
14 Oil Pump Oil pump assy. 1
15 Left Crankcase Left Crankcase Comp. 1
16 Right Crankcase Right Crankcase Comp. 1
17 Crankcase Cover Left front cover Comp., L.Crankcase 1
18 Left rear cover, L.Crankcase 1
19 Right crankcase cover 1
20 Oil Filter 1
21 Clutch Assy. Clutch Assy. 1
22 Clutch friction plate 5
23 Clutch Lining 4
24 Starting Clutch Starting Clutch Assy. 1
25 Starting Motor 1
26 Starting idle gear 1
27 Timing & Tensioner Timing Chain 2
28 Sprocket,Timing Chain 2
29 Tensioner plate 2
30 Guide chain plate 2
31 Tensioner comp. 2
32 Driven Shaft assy. Driven shaft assy. 1
33 Main shaft assy. Main shaft assy. 1
34   Shift shaft assy. 1
35 Oil seal 12*22*5 1
36 Carburetor Carburetor Adaptor 1
37 Carburetor Assy. 1
38 Electrics Rotor Assy. 1
39 Stator Assy. 1
40 Rectifier 1
41 Ignition Coil 2
42 CDI 1
43 Spark Plug 2
44 Lock set 1
45 Flasher 1
46 Starter relay 1
47 Horn 2
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