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Sunny type 2                                                                  Sunny type 1

Tank Urban 50, Roketa Maui MC-08-50, Sunl SL50QT-7 Sporty, Dazon Diamondback, TaoTao CY50-T3, TaoTao Funny 50, TaoTao Speedy 50, Hammerhead, Lance GTR 50, Baja SC50, Jonway Beta 50, JMstar Breeze, Longbo LB50QT-6,MF5, Moto Fino MF50QT, Gator Imports Eagle 49cc, Excaliber Vanguard 50, Tuohe Scooter, Jonway QT-6 scooter, Baccio SPD 50cc

Somebody try to steal your bike? Get your stolen bike recovered just to find the ignition ravaged? Broke your key of inside? Just plain lost your keys? This is the quick, easy, affordable, and right way to correct these problems. This kit comes complete with the "Sunny" style ignition (see chassis styles in "chassis parts") locking gas cap, seat lock, mount, seat latch and cable, and of course a set of two keys so you can use one, and store one, just in case. This ignition has the 6 pin style connector with 5 wires. This can be modified to work with alot of different systems, however match the mount style in the picture to your application. We also have others types available, as well as locking gas caps separately. This kit is priced to surprise at just $44.95!
Type 1 Rear tail light/turn signal assembly

These are always getting busted up and coming loose. Get your cheap and easy. This comes complete with all lenses, bulbs, reflector, and backing plate mount. This has a 6 part connector with 5 wires. No one even close to this low at: $39.95

Type 2 Sunny tail light
Same tail light as above, just a different style. Same great price.  $39.95

Battery cover
 This little piece is a bear to find anywhere. We've got 'em, and get 'em to you quick. Plastic replacement battery cover for your Sunny style scooter. $14.95

Steering stem triple tree

This is a brand new scooter steering stem triple tree for the Sunny style scooters, like the Tank, Roketa, Sunl, Jonway, JMstar, etc. If you think your forks are bent, it's likely this triple tree that is. Seldom does the forks bend on scooters, but if they are, then this part is too. Get it replaced cheap and fast. $39.95

Sunny steering stem bearing set
Full set of steering column bearings as shown for your Sunny style scooter. $14.95 

Scooter throttle cable #2
This is a brand new affordable replacement throttle cable for the Sunny style scooters that are branded by many like Tank, Sunl, Jonway, Roketa, etc. This has the single screw attachment at the throttle housing. We also have the threaded type for the Handsome boy style too. 72" housing length, 76" overall cable lenght. These will fit other types of scooters too. $14.95

Complete Quingqi ignition key set
This is a common ignition key set found on many scooters. It inlcudes all lock sets, retainers, extra keys, etc. Qingqi Model QM50QT-3E. Get yours cheap at only $44.95

Fuel tank fuel level gauge sensor float.
Fuel gauge not reading correctly, or not at all? It's likely a defective fuel level sensor. Easy and cheap to replace. $14.95

Front handlebar headlight shield
Front headlight bodywork plastic piece is often damaged, and is not easily replaced. Comes in any color, as long as it's black. $34.95

Front handlebar headlight shield - Type 2
 Same headlight shield fairing body part as above, but for the type 2 Sunny. Notice the different shape headlight (which we also carry). Type 2 also used separate switch clusters, whereas type 1 has the switches built into the body plastic. Same great price though. Ready to paint, or leave as is. $34.95
Instrument dash panel
Replace that foggy or malfunctioning instrument panel with a brand new dash. Speedometer, fuel gauge, etc. Get it here quick and cheap. $29.95 

Type 2 instrument cluster
Meter dash unit for other styles of sunny scooters. Pick your style visually. We've got scooter parts! $29.95 

Back handlebar meter shroud
Good quality black plastic body piece that supports the meter and switches. This part often breaks along the seam with the front headlight shield. $29.95

Standard replacement mirror set
These are genuine factory replacement mirrors for your Sunny style scooter, cheaper than anywhere else for sure. $19.95 

Type 1 left rear drum brake lever
Rear drum brake lever for the Sunny and B-series scoots. This is the newer style that has the lever perch mounting integrated into the left side switch cluster, as opposed to the older style one, which has the perch separately.  $9.95

Type 2 left side rear drum brake lever
Replacement quality rear brake lever. These often break when your scoot falls over. Don't be unsafe, get it repair quick and easy. picture shows back side of lever so you can see the switch nub that makes this one different than the type 1 $9.95

Right side front brake lever
Front brake lever for your hydraulic system. Nice quality for cheap! $12.95 

Rear left brake lever - cable operated
 Left rear brake lever for cable operated rear brakes. These can fit on Sunny and Handsome Boy style scooters, and many others. Almost universal fit.
Speedo drive puck

These fit a variety of scooters. This is the most popular and is guaranteed to fix your speedometer drive issues. Pretty much universal for 50cc, 150cc and 250cc with axle size of 3/8" Good quality at a good price.  $19.95


Sunny front axle kit
Complete front axle kit includes the sealed bearings, spacers, 3/8" axle, seals, nut. $19.95 

Underseat front engine cowl
This is the plastic body panel underneath the front of the seat that allows access to the front of the engine. It usually gets very tattered over a short amount of time. Our is of a more durable, pliable material. $29.95 

Carb access panel lid
Here is that easily broken or lost lid in your luggage bucket, under your seat, that allows access to your carb and engine without having to remove the seat bucket. Get it here cheap and fast. $9.95 

Sunny Running Panels
These are the long body panels that run from the rear tail light all the way up to under your floor board. These are always getting messed up. Sold as a pair, and are shipped right away. All body panels come in glossy black to match all colors. $34.95

Sunny Running Panels TypeII
 These are the long body panels that run from tail light up to under the floor board like the pieces above, but are for the type2 Sunny style scooter. Slight difference. Just enough to upset you if wrong, so get the right ones here. Pic showing differences at the top of the page. $34.95
Front brake pads
We've got two main front brake pads styles pictured here. One is for the Handsome Boy/B08 style, the other for the Sunny style. These will also fit many other styles. Sunny style also fits Adly Jet See this link for chassis part styles. $14.95
choose your type

Front brake rotor
Got a warped front brake disc? Get 'em here quick and cheap. $24.95 

Front rotor bolts
 All three bolts that retain and hold on the front brake rotor on Sunny style scooters and rotor above.  $4.95
Sunny rubber floor mat
These floor mats always seem to get hard, shrink, tear, or get lost, or the retaining nipples get torn off. Get yours replaced here only. $14.95 

Front chrome grill
Small decorative cover that attaches to the front body fairing listed below.

Rear tail connector plastic
Here is the small connector plastic in the rear, below the tail light. Cheap and easy fix. $7.95 Ships by priority mail in a box to protect it from damage during transit. 

Sunny headlight assembly
Complete, ready to bolt on and install headlight assembly for your Sunny style scooter. $29.95

Type 2 headlight assembly
 Same headlight assembly as above, but for the type 2 sunny style scooters. These only fit the type 2 headlight shroud advertised above. $29.95
Aluminum Sunny 10" front wheel
 New style front 10" rims for Sunnys in stylish polished aluminum! Even comes with the bearings and seals installed! $44.95
Aluminum Sunny 10" rear wheel
 New style rear 10" rims for single shock Sunny style in polished aluminum! These actually fit any gy6 50 or 150 that use the single shock 10" rear end.  $44.95
Sunny 10" front wheel
Standard fit steel 10" front wheel fits these Sunny style scooters as a direct replacement on front drum brake models. Complete with bearings and seals installed.  Much more resistant to dents and damage. $39.95

Sunny 10" rear wheel 139qmb
10" steel standard wheel is styled for Sunny style scooters, but will fit and work on any 139qmb GY6-50 4stroke scooter engine with drum brake. Also fits 10" wheeled Vento Hot Rod scoots. $39.95 New design is much more resistant to dents and damage

Sunny luggage rack
Replacement rear luggage rack for Sunny style scooters. All steel construction ready to install.  $19.95

Type I front nose cone
Complete front end plastic for the type I type Sunny scooters. The type one uses 9 1/4" long front turn signals as shown here. You can't get this anywhere for any price! We stock and ship both types of front ends when others don't even know they exist! $39.95
Type I Front lid
This is the front fairing cover, undernearth the headlight, and next to the turn signals. This cover is often damaged in removal, either by owners or thieves. Get yours here far cheaper than anywhere else. $24.95 with inexpensive shipping! 

Sunny front turn signal pair (type 1)
Pair of clear lense, yellow bulb type 1 front turn signal pair. Measures 9 1/4" long from tip to tip. $14.95 

Type II Front nose cone
Complete front body spoiler cowl nose cone for Sunny style scoots. Fits just behind the front wheel, and holds the small turn signals. Fits the type II front ends with 7" long turn signals. $39.95 

Type II Sunny front lid
Type 2 of the fron lid has a flat bottom, not curved like the type 1. This is the lid for the front of the scooter. These are often ripped off when someone tries to steal them, or those of you that busted off the retaining tabs. Good quality in good color to match all.  $24.95

Type II Sunny front turn signal pair 
Pair of clear lense, yellow bulb type 2 front turn signal pair. Lense measures about 7" total. $14.95 

Front telescopic forks
Usually just the triple trees bend in a spill, but sometimes the forks do too. Here you get 'em cheap and fast. Fits Sunny style scooters listed above, and many more. $29.95 for the pair

Replacement gas tank
Tank rusted out causing carb problems? Leaking? This is an easy and cheap fix. Good quality, better than most originals. Costs less than cleaning or repairing, and better! $29.95! 

Replacement seat
Brand new cushy seat for your sunny style scoot. Replace that dryed out cracked one easy and cheap.  $29.95
Underseat bucket
Underseat bucket luggage compartment is also the base and mounting hinge for the seat. Get your fresh and easy here for only $34.95

Front brake system kit
Don't have the time or skill to find out what is wrong with your front brakes? Make it easy with this complete and ready to install kit. Includes brake master cylinder, caliper, and hydraulic hose, completely filled and bled! $39.95 for Sunny style models listed above and others. 

Front master cylinder
Here it is. Front master cylinder only for your Sunny style scooters. Get those useless brakes fixed! $19.95 

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