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Scooter Accessories

Scooter license plate tag
 All aluminum metal license plate for scooters!!! Looks and feels like the real thing and is regulation motorcycle plate size 4" x 7". This thing even has raised lettering and reflective material like the real thing. Reflective material makes you more visible to vehicles behind you and improves your safety. This also let's others know that your 49cc scooter/moped is legally on the road (as a motorized bicycle) and not just some hooligan without registration to be scoffed at and abused!
Scrappy logo looks like an official state seal, and mounting holes are right where they should be for easy, no modification mounting on your scooter. 
3 Piece scooter stereo system
 MP3 handlebar mount player uses SD/MMC card, radio reception, clock, anti-theft alarming functions. LCS screens display radio frequency, playing information and clock. Comes with remote control.
2 pieces scooter stereo system
 Inexpensive handlebar mount 2 piece stereo system for your scooter. Stereo head is built into one of the speakers.
MP3 plays by inserting mobile phone TF card, or USB storage device, connecting mobile phone with the speaker by AUX cable, or receive radio. Comes with remote control and mounting hardware.
See this stereo in action with blinking lights to the music inside the speaker!

Scooter alarm system
 Inexpensive and easy to install alarm system for your chinese scooter plugs into your ignition system and provides a measure of security and peace of mind. Comes with alarm unit, siren, wiring, and two remote control key fobs in case you lose one.
We dare you to find one cheaper anywhere.
Kryptonite Hardwire Cable Lock
 Flexible braided steel strands for increased cut resistance.
Reinforced lock head construction with the "Talon" lock pin retention system.
High security disc-style cylinder with anti-drill guard and more than a million different key variations.
Lock head rotates 360 degrees for easier handling during lock up and removal.
Weatherproof vinyl skin protects bike surface.
Note: this is NOT the cheap chinese locks found elsewhere. You'll have this lock for life and use it for many different applications.
20mm diameter and a full 6' long for more adaptablility. $64.95
Scooter chain lock
 Inexpensive alternative to our Kryptonite lock above for a pretty darn good price you have to admit.
PR/Scooter Logic Saddlebags
 Adjustable to fit most scooters.
Great for personal gear or cold beverages.
2 large zippered compartment.
Watertight compartments hold up to 24 12oz cans plus ice.
Durable 600 - denier water-resistant polyester construction.
These are just super cool and useful. Can't beat it at just $49.95
Kwik Tek Center Bag
 Fits most scooters equipped with a carrying hook. Doubles as a backpack-removable/adjustable shoulder straps. Install/remove in seconds. 2 convenient zipper compartments. ScootR Logic Drink Holder (not included) attaches to side.
Kwik Tech PR/Scooter Logic Mitts
 Cold hands even with gloves on? These slip on over your scooter handlebars and levers and give you that extra level of cold and debris protection, and you can't forget 'em as they are attached to your scooter, yet remove with velcro.
Easy to install and remove.
Specifically designed to fit most scooters.
Protects hands from wind, weather and cold.
Rugged 600-denier waterproof polyester.
Insulated and lined for a warm grip.
Only $19.95!
Logic Drink Holder
 Holds a variety of bottle sizes. Specially designed to fit most scooters. Remove and hang from your belt! Insulated and lined. Latches on your front helmet hook.
Bucket Bag
 This is a cool little cordura bag that organizes your underseat storage luggage bucket. Comes with carrying strap and fully zippered. This is even insulated.
Scooter Cover
 Durable scooter covers keep harmful sun and rain from ruining your scoot. The sun can sap the moisture right out of your plastic, making it fade, crack, and become very brittle. We all know that there is alot of plastic on a scooter, and chinese scooter plastic is brittle to begin with. Rain will cause rust and make grease fittings run out. Cheap investment and much less expensive than replacing parts. Is a security measure also keeping prying eyes off your scoot. Comes in two sizes. Sunny style is usually small, whereas the Flagship style is large.
$45.95 and $50.95
choose your size
Scooter HID Xenon Conversion Kit
 HID conversion kit for H4 style headlight sockets. This also fits B35 sockets most commonly found on Handsome Boy scooters like the VIP and others. These HID kits are super bright, use less energy, run cooler, and last so much longer. Be seen, and see!
These are not the cheap *ss DC based kits found elsewhere that flicker and burn out. These are the top quality AC ballasts. Has HID low beam and Halogen high beam bulb all in one unit. Plug and play! 35w with 5k daylight color temp
$29.95 Holy Smokes cheap!
Scooter LED H4 light bulb
 Multi LED full round "bulb" for H4 sockets. Has high and low beam. These are most commonly found on motorcycles, but are on some higher end scooters. Check your bulb base type. These are pretty bright, emit no heat, use an 1/8 as much power, and can be 2-3 times brighter than conventional bulbs. These can also last for decades and may be the last headlight bulbs you ever buy.  Cheap at $24.95
Scooter LED bulb for B35 socket
 It's taken us a long time to find an LED bulb replacement for scooters with B35 sockets that was good enough to be in the Scrappy lineup, but here it is! Ultra super bright (80w). Uses less power than stock (7w). Lasts for decades (5m hours. Much less sensitive than regular bulbs due to voltage (10-30V). Puts out 900-1000LM and doesn't melt your headlight reflector like some bulbs do. Color temp is daylight white with a slight hint of blue at 6000K. Made of aluminum casing and XBD LED's. How can you go wrong because you'll never buy another headlight bulb again. No modifications needed. Cheap at $24.95
Bel-Ray Synthetic Scooter oil
 Scooter synthetic ester blend 4T engine oil.
Synthetic blend for 4t scooters.
Maximum wear protection and deposit control.
Suitable for city environments.
For air-cooled/liquid coold 4t scotoer engines with wet clutches.
10w30 is suitable for all and much better for all chinese scooter engines. Get that crummy chinese oil out of your scoot right away for only $9.95
Maxima Scooter engine oil
 Petroleum based 4T 10W40 engine oil.
Formulated for modern free-revving scooters and mopeds
Protects against harsh city conditions defined by constant stop and go traffic, excessive idling and fully loaded engine operation.
Scooter 4T blend the latest in high-performance anti-wear additives with an advanced detergent system.
Safe for break-in, and highly recommended to replace your original chinese scooter oil immediately and fill with this. Most scooters need one quart, but good to order 2 quarts for maintenance. $8.50
Bel-Ray 2stroke scooter oil
 Clean-burning, synthetic blend for injector / autolub or pre-mix applications.
Wear protection extends engine life
For 2T engines.
Don't be a cheap skate with cheap oil from some other place. This oil is the best, and will save you money in the long run from rebuilds and breakdowns. Oil is the most important thing you can do for your scooter, and this is specially formulated for scooters.  $9.95
Maxima Scooter Gear oil
 150ml tube with snip tip applicator
Mineral based 80x90 formulated for scooters
Use where 90wt gear oil or 30wt motor oil is recommended
Designed for both 2 and 4 stroke applications
Meets or exceeds API GL-5 specification.
This is an absolute MUST for any new or used scooter or moped. Get that cheap chinese rear gear case oil drained out immediately and get this put in for long life and high performance. It's as simple as removing the bottom drain plug on the bottom of your rear hub gear case and squirting this into the upper fill hole. Takes 15 minutes and this bottle is specially designed for it. $5.95 will save you big money in the long run.           
Super DOT 4 Brake fluid
 Bel-Ray brake fluid for chinese scooters in shop size 355ml container. Meets and mixes with dot3 and dot4 in hydraulic brake and clutch applications
Small DOT4 brake fluid
 Small 8.8oz bottle of brake fluid is perfect for thos that don't want to buy a whole big bottle and never use the rest of it. good quality and small size are perfect for the scooterist just wanting to top it off or refill one or two times.
EBC brand for only $2.95!
Amsoil lubricants
Synthetic based lubricating oils specifically made for your scooter/atv engine. Three products listed here. First is the Scooter engine oil for all sizes of 4stroke engines. Second is the 2stroke injector oil for all 2stroke engines. Third is the gearbox lube for scooter/atv engines in a quart. Get some oil while your shopping here, and get it delivered to you directly. 
Due to Amsoil corporate policy of late, we are not allowed to advertise pricing online. Give us a call or email! 702-689-6035 or service@scrappydogscooters.com
Battery Tender Jr. 12V
 Lightweight, compact in size ideal for those hard to fit spots.
The trickle charger with a brain will assure batteries are maintained after charging and always ready to go!
Fully automatic two-stage lead-acid battery charger is perfect for all lead-acid, sealed maintenance free and gel cell batteries.
After reaching peak 14.4VDC, charger automatically switches to 13.2 VDC float voltage.
When voltage drops below 12.6VDC, charger resumes charging back to 14.4 VDC.
Solid state two color LED indicates state of charge.
Yuasa 12v 1amp Battery charger
 1 amp three stage charge cycle keeps the battery charged and maintained. 
Three LED's display charging/maintenance functions at a glance.
Includes ring and clamp style leads.
Heavy duty add-on voltage regulator
 Protect lights from blowouts!!!
Universal application for all 12 volt flywheel magneto equipped machines. Installs anywhere in-line from engine to headlight or taillights. Reduces blowouts to a minimum. Yellow lead connects to live side of lights and accessories. Brown lead connects with ground.
Current stabilizer
 Performance Current Stabilizer for 12 volt electrical systems. Fits 50cc to 250cc, 2-stroke and 4-stroke scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and much more. A must have for any engine such as QMB139, Minarelli, GY6 and many more! Connects to the positive and negative terminals of the battery for a boost to your electrical system.
  • Stabilizes the Current
  • Quick Firing During High RPMs
  • Reduces Fuel Consumption
  • Dimensions: 3.7" x 2.6" x 1.5"
  • Wire Length: 18 inches$59.95

Performance Lithium battery
 Lithium ion Polymer technology
All components are designed, manufactured, assembled and packed in one location assuring high quality and consistency.
Extremely lightweight, 50 to 70% lighter than standard batteries.
Built in LED test gauge on top.
Increased cranking amps over lead acid batteries.
Fast recharge, can be brought up to 90% charge within 6 minutes.
Comes fully charged and hold a charge without maintenance for up to a year!
Easily 6 to 12 times more cycle life compared to lead acid batteries.
Long shelf life, up to 1 year before requiring recharging.
Can be mounted in any position.
No hazardous acid or heavy metals, non-explosive and non-combustable.
No shipping restrictions.
More precise fitments compared to other brands of lithium batteries.            
Nuff said. Lead acid and AGM batteries are obsolete. Make the up front investment in these lithium batteries and it will save you money in the long run.
We sell two sizes for the 4amp and 7amp size frames found commonly in chinese scooters.
Measurements are: 4 7/16 x 2 3/4 x 3 3/8 and 6 x 3 7/16 x 3 11/16
Remember, lithium batteries are more compact and packe a bigger punch than standard batteries, so a smaller battery will perform much better than a comparable battery the same size.
Note: these are much higher rating than standard acid batteries. 4amp battery actually cranks out a full 150 CCA's for those hard starting small frame 50cc scooters, this, along with our heavy duty starter is the fix.
$98.95 for either 4amp or 7amp size
choose your size
Aluminum custom hand grips
 Billet look aluminum custom hand grips for all scooter and motorcycles with 7/8" handlebars which are 99.9% of all bikes. Comes in 5 colors. Blue, gold, red, silver/chrome, and black. Fits easy glue on.
$19.95 for the pair!
choose your color
All metal valve stem
 Forget about those cheap chinese rubber valve stems that dry rot and crack and leak. Spend the money up front and get something that lasts. All metal and chrome plated with quality seals.
Street FX Oval light Kit
 Light pod kit includes 2 oval shaped (6LED) light pods, water resistant on/off switch, wiring, main fuse, and mounting hardware. Available in red or blue for a unique lighting accent to your bike.
choose your color
Cargo Net
 These bungee cargo nets have to be one of the best inventions and thing to have when you use your scoot for strapping on your groceries and such. They are the best and stretch way out and keep everything secure.
Nice price at only $9.95
Electropods Light Strips
 Everthing you need to add that special strip of accent light to your custom ride. Cheap and easy way to look gooood.
Round reflectors, adhesive back
 2 1/2" round reflectors DOT approved available in red or amber
Made in the USA.
stick 'em anywhere you need some visibility.
Comes in red and amber. Change quantity you want during checkout. Call for volume discount of order over 50.
choose your color
Round reflectors, 5mm stud back
 2 1/2" round reflectors DOT approved available in red or amber.
Made in the USA
These are the more secure stud backed ones. Just drill a hole or use existing hole to mount and increase visibility. Call for volume dealer discount of order over 50.
choose your color
Variator and clutch nut removal tool
 Don't have the money to buy an impact driver to remove your clutch and/or variator nut to replace rollers or springs or belt or do simple maintenance? This tool slips into the holes or fan blades and holds the bell and variator in place to you can remove that nut, and retighten it again. Super duper! 
Pit Posse cross type flywheel puller
 Pit Posse Cross Type Flywheel Puller for 50cc, 4-stroke QMB139 engines, 125cc/150cc, 4-stroke GY6 engines, GY6B engines and many other makes/models.

The following sizes can be used:

  • M10x1.25R
  • M14x1.5R
  • M16x1.5R
  • M18x1.5R
  • M24x1.0R
  • M27x1.0L
  • $24.99
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