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QJ1P39QMB-3 QJ157QMB parts

This is an unusual, yet somewhat common engine, that looks almost exactly like the standard GY6, but is definately not. This engine is often found in Benelli Andretti, Yamati, Baja, Strada, Vento, etc. They come in both 50cc and 150cc. We have yet to find another US distributor for these unique parts. The QJ158QMJ is the same

Not sure what "-B" gy6 you have? There are many gy6-b engines out there. We make it easy for you to figure out what you have and are also setting some nomenclature standards in our tech section at this link under the article "Trying to figure out the whole B-case thing"

QJ top end rebuild kit
Complete top end rebuild kit is for Quingiang 150 engines found in Benelli, Yamati, Baja, Strada, some Vento's. These do NOT fit standard GY6 engines. ONLY engines with the QJ stamped on the engine block. Upgrades 125cc to 150cc. QJ153QMI and QJ158QMJ.  Cylinder, pistons, rings, circlips, gaskets, wrist pin, and even the valve guide seals while you're in there!

QJ 150 head assembly
 Complete new head assembly includes installed valves and springs for QJ gy6 150 engines. These are not inchangealbe with standard gy6. These are often found in Diamo, Benelli, Vento, etc. Will have an engine stamp similar to this: QJ1P157QMJ. Found only here: $ 59.95
Front clutch variator
 Complete variator for the QJ157QMJ and QJ158QMJ, also known as the QJ-150. comes with rollers, belt fan, backing plate, slider bushing and slider plate,  and is a complete bolt in unit. Not found anywhere else for any price.  $59.95
Complete 21mm variator kit

This is a brand new replacement complete 21mm variator kit with rollers, fan, sliders, drive faces, and slide bushing for the two stroke Minarelli JOG 90 JOG90 and JOG50 chinese scooter engine. This is the new and improved varitor that eliminates the spline key and integrates it into the outer drive face. There are two different sizes in 2stroke variators, one has a 21mm inner slider bushing diameter, the other with an 18mm diameter. This size corresponds with your piston wrist pin diameter. A 21mm has a 12mm wrist pin, a 18mm has a 10mm wrist pin. You can also tell the different sizes by the number of teeth in the outer drive face/ fan. The 21mm variator has 15 teeth, the 18mm has 17 teeth. These are used in a variety of ATV and carts also. These also fit the QJ1P39QMB-3 engine found in Vento Triton and Baja Sun City SC50. We also stock all drive belts including performance type. Vento, TNG, Bombardier and others. $34.95

Variator glide key set
Glide slider key set for JOG minarelli variators. Fits both 18 and 21mm sets above. Usually much better than original. These are the plastic bushings that the inner variator slides on. These can wear and or break, leaving you with poor performance or broke down! These also fit the Vento Triton, MotoMojo, Baja SC50, and other QJ-139qmb-3 engines. $3.95

836-17-30 QJ belt for Baja SC-50 and Vento Triton
This is the ultra rare, hard to find 836 belt that you must use on your QJ1P39QMB-3 engine code. Some have mistakenly called this a 835-17-30. This is a strange amalgamation of 2stroke transmission CVT components mated to a modified 50cc 4stroke engine case. These are the shorter belts. If you've got a Baja SC50 Sun City or maybe another with this engine, you need this belt. $24.95

891-17-30 drive belt
Wonders never cease. We've got the belt that no else has, or even know exists. These fit the QJ anomoly engine found in MotoMojo, Vento Triton. These are the longer belts. Get 'em here, and get 'em fast as we ship same day at unbelievable wholesale prices. $24.95

815-20-30 drive belt
Here is the drive belt for many water cooled CF150 and GY6-150cc QJ157QMJ and QJ158QMJ engines like that found in Diamo Torino's, QJ product like CPI Hussar, Yamati, Strada, Vento, Benelli Andretti, etc. $19.95

QJ1P39QMJ-3 starter motor
Yeah, we dare you to find this anywhere else. Fits the anomoly QJ 50cc engine found in Baja, MotoMojo, Vento, etc. Check your engine code as regular starters will not fit. Has 9 teeth on output shaft. $29.95

QJ-150 exhaust system
Only here will you find the special exhaust pipe found on QJ based gy6-150 engines. These are commonly found in Benelli and Diamo. Check your engine code for "qj".  Comes complete with muffler and headpipe. $74.95 
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