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Performance Parts 
so you can keep up with this TNG LS49 that we wedged a CF250 into

BanJing performance microchip CDI/coil

img-qind.JPG Ban Jing High Performance Microchip Programmed CDI/Coil for use on 50cc-500cc, 4-stroke Scooters.Ignite your vehicle's true performance potential! This High Performance CDI/Coil gives stronger ignition/firing, a more complete combustion burn (more power, better fuel mileage and reduced emissions), quick acceleration and increased horsepower!
Installation is Easy:
Connect red wire to 12 volt switched source (DC) 
Connect black wire to ground
Connect blue wire to the signal pulse of the stator (alternator)
CDI body can be easily mounted to the frame

Power Regulator
 Got some music, lights, led's, halogens or HID's, cell phone charger, power outlet and your stock system is giving you fits? Get the most out of your charging system with this power regulator! Much more reliable than you stock 4 pin regulator for sure!
Aluminum custom hand grips
 Billet look aluminum custom hand grips for all scooter and motorcycles with 7/8" handlebars which are 99.9% of all bikes. Comes in 5 colors. Blue, gold, red, silver/chrome, and black. Fits easy glue on.
$19.95 for the pair!
choose your color
Scooter performance steel braided brake line
WOW! Tired of that spongy feeling in your front brakes? Ever bust a hydraulic line? Ever want to? NO. Steel braided brake lines don't swell or break. Make 'em brake, not break. Fits almost all Chinese, as well as other scooters and mopeds. This line is super strong and is long enough to fit all scooters. $24.95

Rear steel braided hydraulic line
Got that spongy, not so firm feeling in your scooter rear brake? It's because that rubber stock line is about 2 miles long, and it's expanding under the pressure. Get this good quality, steel braided line that doesn't swell, and give a good firm feel, and superior brake performance. 87" long line fit's hydraulic rear scooter brakes. Be sure and get the front braided line also or your brakes will feel uneven in firmness  $34.95

Crankcase vent/oil catch can
Crankcase vent and oil catch can solves all your venting problems. Oftentimes, scooters and ATV's are run full throttle for extended periods under heavy load. This causes alot of pressure to be built up in the crankcase, which results in a heavy oil vapor escaping out the vent, or anywhere else it can find, like through your seals. This can blow enough oil out that you could run out of oil before you think to check the level. Adds another vent outlet by replacing your oil dipstick. Attaches to your existing line also. We highly recommend adding the PCV to the outlet of this unit also. One line attaches to the existing vent, the other to the new dipstick, the other to atmosphere via PCV valve. Easy installation with all hardware included. Works with any engine. $29.95

GY6 performance rear shock
Gas charged, remote reservoir racing rear shock. Fully anodized aluminum with heavy duty springs greatly improves road handling and bottoming out. Works and lasts longer than original by light years! Sold as singles for rock bottom price at this quality level. $99.95

Performance exhaust system testimonial

Rick,when I first got the scooter even after break in top speed was 40 mph,climing the hills home was20mph.With the 80cc. hop up top speed is 45mph on flats and 25mph onclims.But I think it still is breaking in.Since the muffler and pipe now it's about 2 mph more and sound so good but not anoying.I'm sending pictures bestI can .I'm shade tree mechanic not a computer buff. The scoot was pink when they sent it,but I told them I new how to paint and I wanted that model so send it. They did and I did.Even before I'd ride it! I think the muffler did it good. thanks.
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