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Monkey Performance

110cc Monkey engine assembly
Cool! Upper starter Monkey engine that is used in many ATV's, pit bikes, and even those mini Harley choppers. 3 speed auto transmission, 420 chain sprocket with 14 teeth. Comes with intake, gaskets and sprocket cover as shown. $329.95
Monkey pit dirt bike atv performance 5 pin CDI ignition
This is a real nifty performance CDI that fits in your stock ignition holster. This fits all the Monkey bike engined dirt and pit bikes, as well as the ATV's. 5 pin connector. May also work with the TGB morini 2strokes, and the Honda Dio engines including the Daelim S5. $19.95

5 pin Performance CDI
Racing CDI for the "F" type Honda XR and it's clones. Monkey bike, Honda Spree, Honda Dio. Horizontal four stroke found in many pit bikes, dirt bikes, and atv's. Look for the F in your engine number like the Monkey 1p39Fmb. Unrestricted with an advanced timing curve. $24.95

Bolt Box Fully Programmable Digital ignition advance CDI

Plainly said, you are not getting the most power out of your engine unless you have full control of your ignition timing advance. There is no other product on the market like this. The Bolt Box allows you to configure your timing in one degree increments up to 60 degrees advance in 1k rpm segments in real time and without a computer with the intuitive menu buttons on the face. This also allows you to set you rev limit to any speed and is capable of 19,900 rpm's. You can also switch between two ignition maps with the flick of a switch mounted on your handlebar. While running, this unit also functions as a digital tachometer! The Bolt Box is fully compatible with the AC ignition stators found on most scooters today. With the addition of our Inverter, you can go fully DC and eliminate the stator completely! Nonvolatile EEPROM configuration memory keeps your settings internally for life even without power. Made in Europe with an American brand microprocessor and ultra fast capacitor, this is not for the amateur, but for those that are or are going to be doing all the big modifications and want to ensure they are getting the full potential and bang for the buck from their engine, and this does it. This requires some simple wiring and an elementary understanding of electrics, but includes full instructions and schematics. Works with ALL scooter brands from any country and also works with any single cylinder motorcycle, 2T or 4T. At $179.95 the Bolt Box can't be beat. Limited quantities in stock, so get them while you can!
Performance inner rotor kit
Wanna rev like a 2stroke? That big heavy rotor is keeping you bogged down. Get this inner rotor kit and hear the engine rev like never before. $49.95 Fit all the Monkey and CT engines like the 50, 70, 90, 110, 125, and 150, along with the Sachs MadAss.

Crankcase vent/oil catch can
Crankcase vent and oil catch can solves all your venting problems. Oftentimes, scooters and ATV's are run full throttle for extended periods under heavy load. This causes alot of pressure to be built up in the crankcase, which results in a heavy oil vapor escaping out the vent, or anywhere else it can find, like through your seals. This can blow enough oil out that you could run out of oil before you think to check the level. Adds another vent outlet by replacing your oil dipstick. Attaches to your existing line also. We highly recommend adding the PCV to the outlet of this unit also. One line attaches to the existing vent, the other to the new dipstick, the other to atmosphere via PCV valve. Easy installation with all hardware included. Works with any engine. Color may vary. $29.95

PZ22 carb for pit bikes
 Performance or big bore carburetor for monkey type engines found in pit bikes and other motorcycles. 2 bolt flange as shown. $34.95
4 pin performance CDI
High performance DC fired 4 pin type CDI. This has no rev limit, a larger capacity for greater spark, and an advanced timing curve. Much better quality than original, built to last and heavy duty construction. $39.95

Chrome Performance Air Filters
 Universal fit reusable filter with chrome end caps.
Sold each - order one filter per carburetor.
It is recommended to measure your carburetor air filter mounting flange prior to installation.
By popular demand, we are offering these K&N style pod filters in addition to our Uni foam pod filters sold above. $11.95
choose your size option
High Flow/High Capacity fuel filter
 This is the biggest and baddest fuel filter you can get for your hot rod scooter or motorcycle or atv/buggy. Don't compromise on this. 8 square inches of polymerized paper filter area suitable for gasoline or gasahol. Gravity flow rate of 7.6 gallons per hour! These are super good quality and will likely be your last filter. Look at this pic that shows the performance filter next to a standard filter. (one filter per purchase...don't get confused)
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