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Hunter style chassisVento Phantom, TaoTao Lancer 150, TNG DR150, Tank Racer, Roketa Fiji, Falcon, Lance GS-R 150, Baja SC150, Jonway Epsilon 150, JMstar Eagle, Moto Fino MF150QT-10D Longbo LB150t-12 Adventure, Jonway 150T-12, YY50QT-12 scooter

Hunter style complete ignition key set kit
This is a complete ignition key set kit for the Hunter style scooters like:
Vento Phantom, TNG DR150, Tank Racer, Roketa Fiji, Falcon, Lance GS-R 150, Baja SC150, Jonway Epsilon 150, JMstar Eagle, Longbo LB150t-12 Adventure scooter. Can't get any more complete or more affordable at $44.95

Hunter headlight assembly
Complete, ready to install headlight assembly for the Hunter style scooters. $49.95 

Custom Chrome instrument cover
Definately not stock, but fit just like original, Alchemy Moto custom chrome scooter parts body panels available here. This is the meter shroud that fit around the instrument dash panel on the handlebars that gives your scooter that custom look you need and want.  Try and beat this price. $59.95

Chrome front fender
Custom Alchemy chrome front fender fits like original, but is definately not. Make 'em look twice, but don't think twice with a price like this! $49.95 

Chrome rear fender
Custom chrome rear fender fits on all Hunter style chassis's listed above and looks sharp! $39.95

Chrome side grilles
Terrific accent pieces replace those boring side grilles for that custom chrome scooter look. $59.95 for the pair, both sides. 

Left side brake master cylinder
 Left side, rear brake master cylinder in chrome. These are pretty much universal and fit all 7/8" handlebars, which is 99% of all scooters and motorcycles. $39.95
Handlebar switch's
Replacement switch's for you Hunter style scooter. 6 switch's available, sold separately, all for one great low price. Starting from the left in the pic: turn signal, healight, horn, starter, hazard, auxilary light. $3.95 
pick your switch

Replacement steering stem
Had a little spill? Usually the steering stem triple tree on a scooter is very susceptable to twisting. Get a good replacement for less. We actually stock our parts, and ship same day so your back on the road. Fits all Hunter style models listed above, including Tank Racer 150.  $49.95

GY6 sport 13" front wheel w/ tire
13" front wheel for Hunter style and VOG Linhai Aeolius type scooters Ready to install to Hunter and other GY6 type scooters. Uses standard 3 bolt brake caliper.  *does not included tire for reduced price* $49.95

GY6-150 sport rear wheel
Sporty 3 spoke alloy rear wheel with performance 13" tire already installed. Fits many different style scooters with the GY6-150 standard long case engines including Hunter style. *does not include tire for reduced price $49.95 

GY6 rear wheel
 13" cast aluminum wheel fits all gy6 engines including 139qmb, 152qmi, and 157qmj including our gy6-200 engine in performance section. Uses long axle and rear disc brake. $49.95
13" scooter tire
Low profile 130/60-13" performance tire for quality scoots. Unbelievable new low ScrappyDog price. $34.95

Hunter style front brake pads
Front brake pads for replacement on the Hunter style brakes. $14.95 

Front turn signals
These are the front turn signals that fit in the front cowling of Hunter/Eagle style scoots. Complete for only $14.95 

Complete replacement seat
Get that raggedy old seat replaced with this new Hunter/Eagle style one, complete with pan and hinge. $39.95 

Battery cover
 Get that duct taped piece of cardboard off the top of your battery and get it done right and cheap here. Battery cover is OEM fit, but better plastic than original. $9.95
Front mount airbox snorkel
This is the rubber intake snorkel connector between the carb and underseat airbox on gy6-150's, usually Hunter style scooters. Quality rubber won't break down like original and get hard. $9.95

GY6-150 underseat air box (hunter)
Underseat airbox with snorkel for your 150cc Hunter style scooter. $34.95

GY6-150 Side mount sport air box
Side mount air box for many GY6-150 scooters! $34.95
Hunter tail light / rear fender assmbly.
Those pesky little turn signal lenses and tailight lenses are always breaking off. Get this easy to swap assembly gives you a totally new tail light assembly and rear fender, cheap and easy. Has bulbs and reflectors installed as well as wire tail. $29.95 

Hunter Instrument Shroud
 Hunter/Falcon style instrument shroud plastic that is around the instrument dash panel on mainly 150cc scooters. This is the standard black plastic model and is better quality than original.
Analog instrument dash panel
 Standard dash for Hunter style scooters listed above. Has speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and various warning indicators. $39.95 
Vento Phantom R4i instrument dash panel
Whoa! Complete digital instrument panel for the Vento Phantom! These cannot be found anywhere else for any price. Includes the speedometer, warning indicators, and all instruments for your Vento scooter. These are always getting faded or broken. May be able to be adapted to other Hunter chassis styles to digital. $89.95

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