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Handsome Boy parts

Tank Sporty, Roketa Bahama MC-07-50, Sunl SL50QT-2, VIP future champion, Baja BE500, Jonway Lambda, TaoTao Powermax 150, Moto Fino MF50QT-7, JMstar Z-bike, Longbo LB50QT-22, TaoTao CY150-B, TaoTao CY50-A, Jonway QT-21 scooter

Front handlebar shield
This is a brand new quality replacement front handlebar shield plastic bodywork piece in good primer black, which matches just about anything. New low price! $24.95

Instrument dash panel
Compete instrument panel with speedometer, gas gauge, tachometer, etc. Hard to find? Not here. $29.95

Back Handlebar meter shroud plastic
This plastic bodywork piece always seems to crack or break the tabs off, leaving you looking pretty ugly. Get it replaced with better than standard parts. New low price! $24.95

This is the igntion key set kit like the one above, except it fits the Handsome boy style scooters as well as others. This kit includes the ignition key switch, seat latch and lock, glove box lock, and all mounting clips. This have the four prong square connector. Comes with a spare key in case you lose one. Not to be mistaken for others, check out this price. $44.95
Steering stem triple tree

This is a brand new scooter steering stem triple tree for the Handome boy style scooters, like the Tank Urban, VIP, Roketa, Sunl, Jonway, JMstar, etc. If you think your forks are bent, it's likely this triple tree that is. Seldom does the forks bend on scooters, but if they are, then this part is too. Get it replaced cheap and fast. $39.95

Steering stem bearing set
Bearings and races for your Handsome boy style scooter steering stem triple tree. $14.95 

Scooter throttle cable
This is a brand new affordable replacement throttle cable for the Handsome Boy style scooters that are branded by many like Tank, Sunl, Jonway, Roketa, etc. This has the threaded end at the throttle housing. We also have the single screw type for the Sunny style too. Approx. 72" overall housing length, 76" overall cable length. These will fit other types of scooters too.

Battery cover
Cool, where else are you going to find this? Get yours replaced with quality parts here at ScrappyDogs.  There are actually two sizes of these available. Big one (top in picure)measures 8 7/8" X 5 1/2" and has two tabs. Smaller one (bottom in picture) measures 7 7/8" X 5 1/2". $14.95 for either one.
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Handsome Boy floor board
 Floor board for Handsome Boy style VIP scooters as listed above. $24.95
Handsome Boy center cover
 Plastic cover in the center below seat in front. These tabs are always breaking. Does not include spark plug access cover. $19.95
Left side Handlebar switch cluster
Complete left side switch cluster with left side cable operated rear brake lever and brake switch. This has the high/low beam switch, turn signals, and horn button included. New good quality. $24.95

Right side handlebar switch cluster
Complete right side switch cluster includeds the light switch and starter button complete. $14.95

Hand lever shields
These are cool hand shields that protect your paws from the cold or debris. They also look good too. These screw right into your existing bodywork. $9.95 pair

Front brake hydraulic master cylinder
Good replacement front master cylinder for those times when you just can't get the brakes to bleed out. Spongy feel? Get this quality part that will keep tight. $19.95

Front right brake lever
Quality chrome finish front brake lever. $9.95 

Rear left brake lever
 This is a chrome rear brake lever, located on the left side, for hydraulic rear brakes scooters. $9.95
Rear left brake lever - cable operated
 Left rear brake lever for cable operated rear brakes. These can fit on Sunny and Handsome Boy style scooters, and many others. Almost universal fit.
HB front lid
 Front nose cone lid for type1 Handsome boy style scooters listed above. Comes complete as shown in the best color ever. $34.95
Headlight assembly
Brand new replacement headlight with the both bulbs included. These fit the Tank Urban, Sunl, Jonway, Lance, Roketa, and many others.We also have the bulbs separately on the "common parts" page. Going fast at just at just 29.95

Handsome Boy Tail light assembly
This tail light fits many scooters like the Tank Urban, Jonway, Sunl, VIP, JMstar, SYM, Baja, Roketa, Peace, NST, Schwinn, TNG, and many others. If you have the Handsome boy style, this is your tail light. Only $19.95

Front axle kit
Complete kit for the front axle wheel which includes new sealed bearings, 1/2" axle, spacers, seals and nut. $19.95 

Carb access panel lid
Here is that easily broken or lost plast cover at the bottom of your luggage compartment underneath your seat that allows you access to your carb and/or engine without removing the seat bucket. Cheap and easy replacement here for only $9.95 

Front brake pads
We've got two main front brake pads styles pictured here. One is for the Handsome Boy/B08 style, the other for the Sunny style. These will also fit many other styles. See this link for chassis part styles. $14.95
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Speedometer drive gear box puck
This is the front gear box that drives the speedometer through the speedo cable. Single set screw retainer type fits 1/2" axles as shown. $19.95

Left side hydraulic rear brake master cylinder
This is the rear hydraulic brake master cylinder for those that are equiped with them, or if your doing a conversion. Comes complete with lever. Inexpensive good quality.  $29.95

Brake caliper
Dual pot brake caliper fits front and rear brakes on the Handsome boy and B-series scoots and many other applications. Complete and includes brake pads to boot! These come in front and rear. Your choice! $29.95
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Front headlight grill
These always come up missing, or are busted somehow. Get these replaced here fast. $7.48

Model B Headlight assembly
This headlight is for the Model B, Handsome Boy style scooters with the lights on top of each other. (Found on models like the TaoTao Powermax. Good price not found anywhere else. $34.95

Complete left side switch cluster
Here is a different version of the left side switch cluster with brake lever. This has a female connector on it. $24.95

Rear luggage rack
Alloy rear luggage rack for Handsome boy style scooters. $29.95 

Underseat luggage bucket
Complete scooter bucket for direct replacement. The hinge for the seat is moulded into this piece, so if that is broken, the proper fix is this part. $34.95

Complete replacement seat
Replacement seat fits and looks like original. Comes with padding and seat pan and mounting. $39.95

Left side lever assemly
Complete left side lever and perch for the handsome boys that don't have the lever perch on the switch cluster. Could also be used on other models, as well as customs. For rear drum brake. Fits 7/8" bar. $12.95 complete with brake swtich!

Rear brake pads
Brake pads for the HB's that have a rear disc brake. Hard to find. $14.95 

Front fork set
Pair of forks for your Handsome boy and B-o8 series scooters. brand new, ready to install. See pic to ensure application. $29.95 
12" front wheel
Cast aluminum front wheel fit Handsome boy and B-series type scoots. $49.95

Handsome boy disc brake rotor
Disc brake rotor for models above, and many others. 3 bolt mouting with 7 1/2" outside diameter. $24.95 

Complete wiring harness GY6
GY6 wiring harness is a great way to fix that persistent electrical gremlin, or to have a wealth of electrical connectors and parts. How can you go wrong? $29.95
choose your engine type

Front plug access panel
This is that small little panel that covers the front of your engine, allowing access to your spark plug. $4.95 

Underfloorboard side panels
Left and right side panels are placed just under the floorboard, on each side. Waiting for your custom color. $19.95 

Front knee guard plastic
Complete knee guard body plastic for Hansome Boy style scooters listed above. Found no where else! $24.95 

Glove box lid
This is that impossible to find, but ever needed plastic lid for the front glove box on you handsome boy scooters. Compartment in front of your knees. $4.95 

Front Fender
 Better than stock front fender for Handsome Boy style scooters. Comes in any color you want...as long as it's black. $14.95 
Side covers
Matching set of right and left side covers. These are the ones that are just under the seats. Front portions often get broken off. These are primered black to match any color scheme. $24.95 

Front turn signals
Here is a set of brand new front turn signals for your Handsome boy scooter. Comes with backing, lenses, mounts, wires and bulbs for one great price for the pair. $12.95 

Rear turn signals
 Here is a set of brand new rear turn signals for your Handsome boy scooter. Comes with backing, lenses, mounts, wires and bulbs for one great price for the pair. $12.95 

Rear inner fender
 Just like it says. This is the rear fender for Handsome Boy style scooters. Also called a tire hugger. Keep that water splash from being slung onto, or into, your carburetor. Ever had your engine flooded with water during a rain storm? This is the fix. $9.95 
Rear connector plastic
 Rear connector plastic for all handsome boy style scooters. This is the piece that is directly behind the seat, and under the rear luggage rack. Cheap and easy fix here at ScrappyDogs! #4.95 
Front headlight lid plastic
 This is the plastic that fits around the headlight for Handsome Boy TYPE 2 scooters only. The type 2 is the one with the headlights stacked vertically, and not horizontal like the standard HB. Preprimered and available in any color...as long as it's black. $19.95 
Scooter HID Xenon Conversion Kit
 HID conversion kit for H4 style headlight sockets. This also fits B35 sockets most commonly found on Handsome Boy scooters like the VIP and others. These HID kits are super bright, use less energy, run cooler, and last so much longer. Be seen, and see!
These are not the cheap *ss DC based kits found elsewhere that flicker and burn out. There are the top quality AC ballasts. Has HID low beam and Halogen high beam bulb all in one unit. Plug and play! 35w with 5k daylight color temp
$29.95 Holy Smokes cheap!
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