GY6-B 16" wheel BN157QMJ

Lance Phoenix 150 Motor

GY6-B, engine number BN157QMJ, made by BenNeng of Zhongneng Industry group, is similar in appearance to the standard GY6, but is not. Some parts interchange, most do not. They are easily distinguished by the fact that they have a 16" rear wheel. These are most commonly found on the following models:
Lance Pheonix
Fly Cadenza
Zhen ZN150T-18
Xingyue ITA-150
Motorino Cassini
CMS Prodigy

We're currently working on getting these hard to find parts at ScrappyDog prices. Keep in mind that our 4 valve performance head bolts right on to these engines without modifications, as wells as our 59mm big bore kits.
BN crankshaft
Replacement quality crankshaft for the 16" extra long case scooter engines. This is NOT interchangeable with the standard gy6-150 cranks. This is a unique engine and parts, so don't get the wrong parts elsewhere. We are the exclusive distributor of these parts. $74.95

BN variator kit
Complete variator kit for the 16" wheel scooter engines. Tired of getting the wrong variator elsewhere? These are made just for this type. 21 spline outer face, thrust plate, rollers, inner bushing, and glides. All there! $49.95 

BN rear clutch pulley bell assembly
19 spline rear clutch pully bell assembly is made just for the 16" rear wheel BN157QMJ engine. Don't get fooled into believing that the standard GY6 parts fit, they don't! In stock. $54.95 

BN157QMJ starter motor
Starter motor for the 16" wheel 125 and 150 BN-QMJ engines.  $59.95 

BN intake manifold
Rubber intake manifold for BN 16" extra long case scoot engines. These only fit these unique engines like those models listed above. A crack in your manifold will cause alot of starting and running issues, so get it fixed quick and easy. $24.95 

4-Valve performance head
Have you done it all to your performance scooter or ATV? Bet you haven't done this. The 4 valve head is a quality made unit that replaces everything from the head gasket up. Head, cams, cam cover, valves, studs, etc.  Make the real performance difference that nothing else can deliver. When it comes to 4strokes, the head is critical. New kits at an unbelieveable and unheard of low price! Not for the faint of heart. This is the new Japanese quality Taiwanese made kit that is sure to impress $249.95 !!!

59mm Big Bore Kit
Performance race Big Bore kit for the 152QMI and 157QMJ gy6 125 and 150cc four stroke chinese scooter/atv engines. Fits, but is not limited to the Roketa, Sym, Tank, VIP, Tank, Sunl, Vento, etc.
This is a quality Taiwanese Denso DS 59mm big bore kit. This is the largest you can go without machining the crankcases. Quality Honda contract contruction unlike mainland China kits. Ceramic coated dome molybdenum solid lubed and Nikasil. Comes complete with all gaskets, piston, wrist pin, ring set, cylinder, and get this, even comes with new valve stem seals so you can refresh your head while you have it apart!
I would recommend our Ruima performance head and CVK carb kit to take full advantage of this upgrade.
125cc and 150cc, 155cc, and other import from China or Taiwan, PGO, BUGRIDER, Bugxter, GY6-B BN157QMJ, KYMCO: GY6 125cc and 150cc scooters.
HONDA: GY6 125CC, SYM GY6 150cc VENTO: Phantom R4i 125cc 150cc, Strada RX150, Yamati, Verucci, Baccio, Viva, Matrix, Wuzzi, Lifan and Clones fitted to most GY6 base engines: Scooters, Buggies, ATVs and Quads
Denso brand at just $99.95

94 link cam chain
94 link cam chain is a replacement for 4valve performance head kits, BN type engines with 16" rear wheel, and CH125/150 engines. No where else can you find this! 19.95

906-22.5-30 drive belt

BELT 906 X 22 X 30 for BN 16" wheel gy6-150B engines. 906-22-30 for 150cc and 125cc GY6 based 4-stroke engines. Specifically designed for a variety of motorized CVT applications. $19.95

906 Gates belt
906 x 22.5 belt in quality Gates Powerlink brand. Don't want to break a belt on the side of the road? Get this one. $39.95

2 bolt valve cover gasket
For those of you that have looked everywhere for this gasket, your search is over. These fit the 2 bolt valve cover gy6 found in many larger framed scooters and atv's. $7.48
12 pole stator and flywheel
 Some higher end gy6 engines in scooters and atv's have this 12pole stator. This can also be used as an upgrade in power and DC ignition systems. This is complete with matching flywheel and ignition trigger. Often found in Zhen and SYM. $79.95 
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