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Flagship style chassis

TNG TS250, Tank Touring 250, Roketa Bali MC-13, Sunl SL150-6, Lance Duke touring, Sunl SL250, JMstar Big Sheep, Longbo LB150qt-2 Voyager, Jonway 150T-2 scooter

Complete Ignition Key set kit
This is a complete key set ignition and seat lock kit that gives you all new keys and locks for your classic scooter. Fits many different brands including the Tank touring 250, Roketa Bali, NST,  etc. $44.95

Hydraulic brake lever
Quality brake lever with adjustable throw for 150 and 250 scooters. Comes with chrome smooth finish, fits both sides. $9.95 

Right side front hydraulic brake master cylinder
Nice, better than original front brake master cylinder complete with handlebar clamp, lever, hydraulic banjo, and brake switch all fully assembled. $29.95

Left side rear hydraulic brake master cylinder
Nice, better than original front brake master cylinder complete with handlebar clamp, lever, hydraulic banjo, and brake switch all full assembled. $29.95

Scooter throttle cable #3
 85" housing sleave length throttle cable with threaded ends on both sides. These are pretty universal, but are found on the longer, larger scooters like the Flagship series and others. 
Flagship throttle cable
 Throttle cable threaded on both ends. Full cable length is 78". Housing length is 72"
Flagship speedo cable
 Double threaded speedo cable. Full cable length is 43", and housing length is 41"
Front fork steering stem
Triple tree steering column stem for the full size touring type scoots. Heavy duty construction is a direct bolt on to fix that bent up front end. $54.95 

Mirrors/turn signals
Rear view mirrors with integrated turn signals in them. Good quality at a great price. Includes all mounting hardware $29.95

Replacement windshield
Brand new replacement windshield for your Flagship style scooter. These are often cracked and broken around the mounting holes, and can be dangerous. Get your replaced with a better quality part quick and cheap.  $39.95

Front windshield shroud cover
This is the front shield that covers the windshield retainers, and is just above the front fairing. These are always damaged and cruddy looking. Get a replacement like no where else. $29.95 

Handlebar switch's
Here is all the handlebar switch's available separately for one good low price. In order from left side in this picture: Turn signal, horn, high/low beam healight, starter, auxilary lights, kill switch. $4.95 each.
choose your switch

Floorboard rubber mats
These rubber mats aways shrink or get hard, and just plain look aweful. These are quality replacement rubber mats, left and right side, that snap into place on your Flagship style scooter. $19.95

Flagship plastic knee guard bodywork
Very common plastic bodywork piece that is always getting damaged. This is the piece in front of your knees if you were sitting on it. Surrounds the ignition key slot and hooks into the front body panel. $39.95

Front fender
Replacement front fender for your Flagship style scooter (models listed above)  $29.95

Front turn signals
Complete set of front turn signals for your Flagship style scooter. These fit in the front cowling, and fit like original. $29.95 

Flagship style replacement seat
These always seem to get torn and just ragged. Get your direct replacement seat here quick and easy. $49.95 

Instrument cluster shroud
Here is that hard to find plastic bodywork that enshrouds the instrument cluster dash panel in the above mentions flagship styled scooters. Priced to get you back in shape quick. $19.95 

Throttle grip housing
Standard throttle grip housing is the piece that the sleave fits into, and the throttle cable attaches. These are often damaged. Fits on Flagship style scooters, and well as many others and custom projects. Standard 7/8" bar clamp. Uses standard threaded Hansome Boy style throttle cables. Cheap! $4.95 

Fuel level sensor
Fuel gauge sensor float for Flagship style gas tanks. These are the one's that fit in on the side of the tank, and are always malfunctioning. These one's are a better and more reliable quality than original. Comes also with new seal and retainer cap. $14.95 

Front nose cone
Unbelievable price on the entire front nose cone plastic piece that surrounds the two front headlights on Flagship style scooters like JMstar, Jonway, Tank, Lance, etc listed about. You cannot get a price anywhere like this, even if you can find it. Ready to paint, or mount it in white color. $39.95! 

Back shroud plastic
 This is the back shroud plastic underneath the windshield and in front of the instrument gauge panel for all Flagship style scooters listed above like Roketa, Tank, etc. $19.95
CF250 rear wheel
 Stock size 10" alloy wheel for your CF250 often found in the Flagship style scooter. $49.95
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