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CF250 Water cooled parts
This engine is for the  Tank Touring 250, NST, and Jonway, JMstar, and CFmoto Fashion, V3 V5. Qlink Sapero 250cc motorcycle scooter engines.
Tank Touring 250DE, Lance Duke 250, Roketa Bali 250, SUNL SL250-2, Jonway Master 250
These parts are also interchangable with the CF Moto V3 & V5 automatic motorcycle.
Note: The Honda Helix CN250 and CH250 Elite are somewhat similar engines, but may or may not be completely compatable with our CF chinese parts.  

Standard parts listed below. Performance parts listed here.
CF250 parts fiche here
Be sure and check out our CF/CN250 performance parts here

828-22.5-30 DRIVE BELT
Standard replacement belt for the CF250, 172mm engine. This is common in the big Honda Helix CN250 and CH250, Tank Touring types including Jonway and NST. This will not fit the 172mm-A which is in the V3 or V5 CFmoto cycles. Can't lose at this price. $19.95

Gates 828 belt
Long lasting, quality belt. If you don't want to be replacing belts on the side of the road, get a Gates, and get it here cheap. Fits the Chinese CF250 type engines. $29.95 

868x22.5x30 standard belt
Standard replacement belt for Honda Helix CN and CH 250cc scoots and buggies. $19.95 

1000-22.5-30 drive belt

 Can't get this anywhere else. This is a direct replacement drive belt for your CFmoto V3 and V5, Q-link Qlink Sapero 250cc  automatic CVT motorcyle. This fits the 172mm-A long case 250 engines found in this special model Much, much cheaper than CFmoto for those on a special budget. $24.95

Performance Roller Weight 23x18
Cool, finally a source for those hard to find variator rollers on your CF250 and CN250! These are quality copper core base with long lasting self-lubricating nylon outers. These come in 18, 20, 23, and 24.7g. Standard size is usually about a 26g. $17.98
choose your weight

Standard replacement Carburetor
This is the standard replacement carburetor for the CF250 water cooled engine, with the vertical cylinder. This is often found in the Tank Touring 250, Hammerhead, NST, Roketa, and Jonway touring scooters. These are genuine CFmoto units.
This is complete with coolant burp valve and auto choke enrichener. We also have performance carbs for 250, see the performance page. Complete carb, at a complete price. Just $74.95

CF250 main jets
Main jets for stock CF250 carburetor in these sizes. If your changing to a performance air filter, exhaust, or any other upgrades or changes in altitude, or would like to get better performance above the ultra lean mixture from the factory, these are a must. $4.95 
jet size

CF250 & Honda Helix intake manifold
Quality replacement intake manifold to solve that pesky problem of engine stalling and erratic running. Better than stock for an even better price. $9.95

fuel pump
Vacuum operated fuel pump is found on scoots and atv's that have the fuel tank at, or below the carburetor level, like the Flagship CF250, VOG,  and Honda Ruckus. Pretty much universal and only requires a vacuum line. $34.95 
CF250 variator set
Complete variator set with rollers, pulleys, fan, retainer, ramp plate. $49.95

CF250 Clutch/Pulley
This is a complete clutch pulley system with bell housing for the CF250  172mm engine, and 172mm-A engine in the CF moto V3, V5, Tank touring 250, Roketa, NST, Jonway, and so many others with the vertical cylinder, water cooled, four stroke engine. $74.95 
6 wire three phase regulator rectifier
This is the full size 3phase rectifier with 6 wires. 3 yellow, one red, one green, and one black. Fits 250-300cc scooter/ATV engines. Quality construction. $59.95

CF/CN 250 starter motor
Electric Starter Motor for 250cc 4-stroke water-cooled CN250 172mm engines. $59.95

CF250 CN250 Top-end rebuild kit
This is a brand new replacement piston/cylinder kit that included all the rings, circlips, piston, cylinder, wrist pin,  and a head gasket and base gasket for the 250 CF type engine. This is often in the Tank touring 250, NST, Jonway, Roketa, JMstar, Honda Helix, CFmoto big touring scooters with 10in. wheels. Tank Touring 250DE, Lance Duke 250, Roketa Bali 250, SUNL SL250-2, Jonway Master 250 , Honda Helix CN 250. These are used in a variety of ATV and carts also. $124.95 

CF250 Complete cylinder head assembly
Fully assembled and ready to install head for water cooled 250 is priced comparably to others heads without valves, if you can find them! Genuine CF brand is high quality. $89.95 

CF250 valve replacement set
Everything you need to refurbish that CF250 head, or put valves into the head without valves you just paid too much for. $34.95

CF250 ring set
Complete ring set for vertical water cooled scooter/atv Helix engines like the CF250, CN250, CH250.  $24.95

CF250 engine dowels
 Set of locator engine dowels for the top end of your cf250. Inner diamter is 8.5mm, outer diameter 10mm. length 15.8mm.
CF/CN 250 camshaft
 Good quality camshaft replacement for the CF250 Helix type vertical watercooled 172mm engines found in many scooters and atv's.
  • Outer Diameter (intake lobe at its greatest): 31.6mm
  • Outer Diameter (exhaust lobe at its greatest): 31.5mm
  • Uses 16002/P6 bearing
  • Number of Teeth: 34
Honda CH250 AC fired CDI
Standard replacement CDI for the CH250 scooter. This is an AC fired CDI box and will fit others as well. Works with many years Honda Helix and CN250. $9.95

CF250 standard ignition CDI unit
DC fired standard ignition module for Chinese scooters and ATV's. $24.95

CF250 complete carburetor rebuild kit
Everything you need to put new life into your 250 carb. You can see it all in the pic. $19.95

CF250 carburetor diaphragm
Good quality replacement carb diaphragm for your 250 water cooled scooter/atv/buggy. $14.95 

CF250 electric automatic choke enrichener
Brand new electric choke with pigtail wire for your CF250 based four stroke engine. $19.95

Complete CF250 gasket set
Every gasket you need for the CF250 172mm engine. $24.95

CF250 electric generator stator
18 pole coil generator magneto for your water cooled 3 phase CF250 scooter, atv, and buggies. $49.95

CF250 ignition pickup trigger
Ignition pickup trigger for your water cooled 250. $19.95

Helix CH250 stator magneto
Complete 17 pole charging generator for your CH250 Honda Helix. These are the AC fired 250's. Does not fit the CF250 DC system. $49.95 

CF250 flywheel rotor
Weak magnetization can cause faulty running, and damaged rotors can cause severe engine damage and noise. Get a complete flywheel rotor here, and we actually stock. $49.95 

CF250 flywheel puller
This is the special puller you will need to remove the magneto flywheel rotor on 250 water cooled Helix type scooter/atv engines like the CF250, CN250, and CH250. Tool grade steel. $29.95 

CF250 engine oil seal kit
All the seals necessary to rejuvenate you 250 scooter/atv engine. $14.95  

CF/CN 250 Crankshaft
Complete crank for your CF250 water cooled vertical engine found in scooters and buggies. Excellent genuine CF manufacture is built to last and perform. $119.95 

Right side crankcase
 Right side of the cf250 style engine crankcase. These are often damaged and are not available separately usually anywhere else. Get it here for only $74.95
CF250 Regulator Rectifier 5wire
Regulator rectifier with 3 yellow's, a red, and a green. These are usually on the 250's and on some higher end 150's like the Diamo Agility and Torino, and the CF moto. This has the 4 and 3 prong pigtail connectors. $19.95

GY6 service and repair manual
Here is a CD with tens of megabytes of useful service information for your GY6, 139QMB 139QMA, 157QMJ, CF250, LH170MN VOG Chinese scooter/atv buggy go-kartengine and chassis. This includes some wiring diagrams, the scooter book, some chassis technical info, SYM and Kymco books. Comes on a CD-R ready for you to view or print. $14.95

CF/CN250 CVT cover
 Long case belt cover for the CF250, CN250 172mm Helix CFmoto Fashion type scooter engines. These usually have a rear tire size over 10". Tank, Various unlisted makes/models, SUNL, CFmoto V3/V5, Kazuma, 250cc 172mm 4-stroke, Honda, Boreem (BMS), Roketa. 20" total length. 119mm between retaining bolt holes.
Only $39.95
CF/Cn250 CVT belt cover - short
 Most common short case belt cover for the liquid cooled vertical cylinder 250cc. Between mounting bolts = 69mm, overall length = 459mm
Belt cover bolt set
These are the two bolts that retain the belt covers on CF and CN 250cc scooter/atv engines. Includes cushion blocks. Can't find 'em anywhere else. Sold as a pair. $7.48

Variator / Clutch / Flywheel nut
Stripped that nut off of your variator and/or clutch and/or flywheel. Get it right here cheap and fast. Available for GY6-50 and 150, along with the CF250. M10 flywheel nut, M12 variator/clutch nut GY6, M14 CF250 variator nut. $2.95 for any of the nuts!
choose size
CF250 woodruff key
 Locater woodruff key for the flywheel on cf/cn250 water cooled scooter and atv engines.
CF250 oil dipstick
 Now how can you get your oil level correct without a good and correct dipstick?
Spark plug
Genuine NGK 2- DPR7EA-9 spark plug for your CF250 and others like the VOG $2.95 

CF250 Water temp sending unit
Temperature sensor for the CF250 only here.  $9.95

Water temp sensor #2
This is the second water temp sensor in CF250. One controls the gauge, the other controls the radiator fan. Both are available here. Choose by picture. $9.95 
CF250 thermostat
 The thermostat is the heat controlled valve in the coolant system that allows the engine to warm up quickly and to maintain proper engine temperature. If this device malfunctions, the coolant cannot circulate and the engine will overheat. Common repair item for only $15.49
Outer Diameter (seal): 32mm, Thermostat Opens at 65°C (149°F)

CF250 upper thermostat housing
 Housing for the thermostat listed above. These are often warped and leaking, or damaged during removal because of calcite buildup. Don't be stuck without it during your teardown repair. $8.99
CF250 lower thermostat housing
 Lower housing for thermostat in cf250. Bolt hole spacing: 40.5
250cc 172mm 4-stroke, Boreem (BMS), CFmoto V3/V5, Honda, Kazuma, Roketa, SUNL, Tank, Various unlisted makes/models
Cam Chain
Replacement genuine ChungFeng cam chain.  $13.95

CF250 cam chain guide set
Full pair of 250cc cam chain guides.  $14.95

CF250 cam chain tensioner
Complete tensioner for CF250 cam chain. $13.49

CF250 starter clutch
One way overrunning starter clutch is genuine ChungFeng quality replacement parts. If your starter is turning, and the engine is not. This is it.
 Comes complete with inner and outer races, clutch bearings, and starter gear. $69.96

Exhaust gasket
Exhaust gasket ring for CF250, CN250, CH250, and CH150. $4.95

water pump impeller
Replacement impeller for your CF250. $8.95 

water pump casing cover
The output spigots on these commonly crack, break off, or get mashed. Cheap fix. $9.95 

water pump rebuild kit
CF250 water pump seals, bearing and packing kit. $9.95 

CF250 complete radiator assembly
Radiator Assembly and Cooling Fan for 250cc 4-stroke water-cooled CN250 172mm engine based scooters, ATVs and off-road karts. 
  • Includes cooling fan and temperature sending unit
  • Length: 12.5 inches
  • Height: 8 inches
  • Width (not including fan): 1.5 inches
  • Top Bolt Hole Spacing: 7 inches
  • Bottom Bolt Hole Spacing: 2.9 inches
  • Inlet Hose Outer Diameter: 14.2mm
  • Outlet Hose Outer Diameter: 14mm
  • Overflow Outer Diameter: 6.5mm
CF250 cooling fan
Complete radiator cooling fan for cf250 in stock now. This could be used in any 12v application really. 
Bolt hole spacing: 6.5in. 2 pin connection. Wire length 9 in. overall housing diameter 5.5in. width is 35mm
CF250 oil pump
Replacement oil pump for CF250 engines.  $29.95

Oil passage plug and spring
This is a pesky part to find, and often gets lost when you open the right side generator cover. It fits in the end of the crankshaft and transfers oil from the cover passage into the crank, so if this is worn or missing, bye bye to the crankshaft! Our's are genuine CFmoto brand, so are good quality. $7.95 

transmission input shaft
Geniune CF brand transmission input shaft. This is the shaft the rear clutch pulley rides on, and transmits power into the trans gear box. common failure on scooters and buggies. $29.95 

CF250 oil pump sprocket
These often strip out from the originals soft material, and will leave your engine without oil pressure, which results in complete engine failure. Get yours replace now while you've got it apart. $9.95

CF250 oil pump chain
Common failure part on the Cf250, CH250, Helix engines. Get this replaced while you're rebuilding to ensure you don't have a catastrophic engine failure down the road. Better get that pump replaced too. Easy pricing. $9.95 
Standard air box
Complete stock air box for the water cooled 250cc CF, CN, and CH 250 Helix. Comes with air box, snorkel, clamps, and belt case ventilator.  $39.95

Right side flywheel cover
 Right side case cover for the flywheel/stator. Has mounting for the water pump, sight glass, and dipstick.
CF250 complete scooter engine assembly
Complete water cooled, vertical cylinder Helix type CF250 found in many scooters around the world. Comes complete with all engine parts, stator, CVT and transmission parts. Ready to install, with affordable shipping in the US. $949.99 
CF250 complete ATV engine assembly
Complete water cooled 250 engine like above, but for your ATV buggy 4 wheeler! comes with forward, neutral, and reverse transmission and gear shift mechanism. Where else can you find this?! $999.95 

CF250 rear wheel
 Stock size 10" alloy wheel for your CF250 often found in the Flagship style scooter. $49.95
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