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B-series chassis parts

Vento Triton, Yamati RX8, TNG SS49, ,Tank Sporty Deluxe, Roketa Cayman, Sunl SL150-18B, TGB 303R R5 R9 Key West Key Largo, Adly Jet Fox, Jonway Delta, Sportiva Falcon, Gator Imports Pheonix 49cc, MZ Moskito, MotoMojo Roadster 50,  Jonway 150T-28 scooter

B-series complete scooter ignition key set
The very popular B-series scooters are like the Vento Triton, TNG SS49, Tank Sporty Deluxe, Roketa Cayman, Sunl SL150-18B, Adly Jet and Fox, TGB Key West, Key Largo, R5 R9, 303R, Jonway Delta scooter. This comes with all locks, clips, extra keys, locking gas cap. $44.95

Left side Handlebar switch cluster
Complete left side switch cluster with left side cable operated rear brake lever and brake switch. This has the high/low beam switch, turn signals, and horn button included. New good quality. Male plug $24.95

B-series left side switch cluster w/ perch
Left side switch cluster with the mount for rear brake lever. Female plug $19.95

B-series left switch cluster w/o perch
Left side switch cluster without the lever perch. This is the kind that will have a separate mount for the left brake lever.  $19.95

Right side handlebar switch cluster *RS-5*
Complete right side switch cluster includeds the light switch and starter button complete.  $14.95
Type 1 left rear drum brake lever
Rear drum brake lever for the Sunny and B-series scoots. This is the newer style that has the lever perch mounting integrated into the left side switch cluster, as opposed to the older style one, which has the perch separately. $9.95

Vento Triton GT5 Triton Li dash instrument cluster
Digital dash unit for your Triton, since yours has either failed, or is faded out, you've finally found your home. Direct bolt on unit.  $99.95
           If re-wiring is needed, please see our tech section! 
Analog B series instrument cluster
 Analog gauge set for B series scooters listed above. Some Vento Tritons had the analog one too. Check picture and connector here to ensure fit. If in doubt, feel free to call or email! $29.95 
Front brake pads
We've got two main front brake pads styles pictured here. One is for the Handsome Boy/B08 style, the other for the Sunny style. These will also fit many other styles. See this link for chassis part styles. $14.95
choose your type

Brake caliper
Dual pot brake caliper fits front and rear brakes on the Handsome boy and B-series scoots and many other applications. Complete and includes brake pads to boot! These come in front and rear. Your choice! $29.95
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B-08 steering stem triple tree
Bent that darn steering stem? here is a direct replacement for all your B-series scoots like  Vento Triton, TNG SS49, ,Tank Sporty Deluxe, Roketa Cayman, Sunl SL150-18B,  Jonway Delta, Sportiva Falcon, Gator Imports Pheonix 49cc, MZ Moskito, MotoMojo Roadster 50,  Jonway 150T-28, Quinjiang QJ B-05 and B-08, CPI Popcorn and Hussar scooter. $39.95

B-09 style steering stem
These are a different style than the standard B-08 stems. Little wider spacing on the forks. These fit the newer style B-series scoots.  $39.95

Steering stem bearing set
Complete steering column bearing set for all B series scooters. $14.95 

B-08 style tail light
New replacement tail light for B series like Vento Triton and others. Nice and affordable. $19.95 

B-series turn signals
 Replacement turn signals complete with clear lenses and amber bulbs, wires and stalks for your B-series scooters like the Vento Triton and the many models listed above. These could also be used on any scooter or motorcycle. Cheap and easy, and of course in stock. Sold as a pair for only $14.95
GY6-150 sport rear wheel
Sporty 3 spoke alloy rear wheel with 13" tire. Tire is not mounted. Fits many different style scooters with the GY6-150 standard long case engines. $69.95

B-08 nose cone bodywork
Front plastic body part that envelops the headlight etc. Fits the B-08 style scooter like the Vento Triton. Just a fraction of the price anyone else wants for this, if you can get it at all! $39.95 

B-08 headlight assembly
Replacement headlight assembly for your B-08 based scooters like Vento Triton, etc. $29.95 

B-09 headlight assembly
 Complete assembled headlight for the newer B-09 style scooters. See pic for match!
B-09 front nose cone
 Front nose cone fairing plastic for the sharper B-09 scooter style. Notice the difference in style in the headlights over the B-08. These are typically the Peace TPGS-810, Bashon, QJ B09, and many others. Comes unpainted ready for your custom color, or just leave it in trendy bare $39.95
Instrument cluster shroud bodywork
Plastic shroud that fits around the instrument dash cluster panel on B-08 style scoots like the Vento Triton and many others. Only $24.95. 

B series battery cover
Fits mainly B-08 style scoots like Vento, CPI, and so many others. $9.95

12" front wheel
Cast aluminum front wheel fit Handsome boy and B-series type scoots.  $49.95

B-08 disc brake rotor
Disc brake rotor fit's B series type scoots and many others. 3 bolt mounting, with 7in. outside diameter.  

B-08 knee guard plastic
Replacement bodywork part just in front of your knees on B-series scooters like the list above. Super cheap, and in stock. $24.95

B-08 luggage bucket
Plastic bucket fits under seat and is actually the hinge for the seat as well. Common for these to break. Ours are rubberized ABS for long life. Fits B series bikes listed above like Vento Triton, etc.  $29.95

B-08 center cover
 Front engine cover, also called a center cover, is locted just below the front of the seat and covers the front of the engine on B-08 style scooters listed above like the VIP, Roketa Bahama, Tank Sporty, etc. $19.95
B-08 side cover
Ready to paint side covers, left and right covers fit under the seat on each side. $19.95 Picture looks yellow, but they are white. 

B-09 side panels
 Side panel covers fairing plastic for the B-09 style scooters. Come in black. $19.95
Vento Triton tire
Wow! Here finally, and no where else. The tires on Vento Tritons and some others are an oddball size, and this is it. 100/60/12 tire in stock and ready to ship same day. $34.95

B-08 style seat
 Complete seat with base, foam, and cover ready to install on your B-08 style scooter with models listed above like  Vento, Tank, Jonway, CPI, etc. Usually has a 2stroke, but some have 4strokes. Don't go riding around with that ragged old seat anymore with prices like this: $39.95

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