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50cc two-stroke 1E40QMB Minarelli JOG type engine
50cc two-stroke 1E40QMB, 1PE40QMB Minarelli JOG type engine
3KJ, 3RY, 4JP, 4LV
Horizontal cylinder 2-stroke
Yamaha Zuma Axis Breeze, Vento Triton Zip, Hammerhead, TNG LS49 Venice, Adly Fox Jet Noble Thunderbike, Malaguti, Aprilia, Italjet, most Chinese two stroke scooters.Yamaha Zuma 50 YW50 BWS 2002 to 2011, Yamaha JOG 50 1991 to 2001 .
United Motors X-Speed 50 (00-05), Vento Triton Zip 50, Strada 50, Muz 50 Mosquito 50 PGO -Genuine Buddy 50cc Black Cat 50cc Rattler 50, Keeway, Eton Beemer Matrix 50, and 10mm versions in Italian air cooled Beta, Aprilia 50cc 2-stroke 40QMB, E40QMB, 1E40QMB and 1PE40QMB Minarelli engines.
Aprilia gulliver rally scarabeo sonic, Atala carsello, Benelli 491 naked pepe, Beta ark chrono quadra tempo, BSV ax 50, CIP hussar popcorn, kreidler easy rider, ktm k50, Malagut F10 F12 phantom f15 firefox yesterday ciak, MBK equalis evolis fizz flipper forte, Motron sting, PGO big max 50, Yamaha axis breeze jog r neo vino zuma,
Baccio Speedy 50
These engines are commonly found on many popular 2-stroke full-size scooters and ATVs such as Yamaha, Malaguti, Yamati, United Motors X-Speed, Aprilla, CPI, Benelli, Vento, Eton, Adly, Geely and many more..

Note: Yamaha Zuma 50 (2T) from 1996 to 2001 is a vertical cylinder and unique. We are now carrying these specific parts. See the bottom of this page.
Note: The Derbi Atlantis 2T is unique and not interchangeable with Minarelli parts. We are now stocking Derbi parts. Listed at the bottom of this page.

2stroke standard parts below,
performance parts here
JOG 2stroke parts fiche here


788-17-28 Drive belt
Drive belt for the JOG Minarelli 1e40qmb 2stroke scooter engines like the Vento Triton, TNG Venice and LS49, Hammerhead, Malaguti, and many others.  $14.95

878-17-28 Adly drive belt
Try and get this anywhere else. This is the drive belt for the Adly Jet, Fox and other two stroke 50cc scooter engines using the HerChee. $14.95

Gates Powerlink 788-18-28
For those of you who don't like fixing broken belts on the side of the road, spend the extra couple of bucks and get a Gates. $29.95

780-16.5-30 Gates belt for Eton
 Gates Powerlink Premium CVT Drive Belt size 780-16.5-30. Fits Eton Beamer II (49cc) '05-'06 and Eton Beamer Matrix (49cc) '05-'06.

Name: This kit includes all you need to start fresh with your stressed out 2stroke. Includes strong cast iron cylinder, lightweight aluminum piston, ring set, wrist pin, circlips, head gasket, and base gasket. This kit comes in 2 sizes depending on what engine you have, 12mm or 10mm wrist pin size. You must know what size you need. One will not work with the other. Most Chinese copy engines are 10mm, like Adly and Hammerhead. Also some Italian engines are 10mm. Many newer engines are 12mm. This is only a guide, the best and most accurate way to tell is to measure your wrist pin diameter. Some 10mm units include the Adly Jet Noble Fox Thunder Bike, Hammerhead. 12mm include the TNG ls49 Venice, and Vento Triton Zip, Keeway, Eton 50cc TXL-50, QJ1E40QMB engine.
Confused? See MO! for his article concerning this.
What more can you ask for except maybe an equally complete price. $69.95 
choose wrist pin size
Aluminum top end rebuild kit
Always got that little booger at full throttle or live in a hot environment? Make em last longer with this quality Taiwanese top end rebuild kit. Comes with cylinder, piston, rings, clips, wrist pin, and gaskets. We also have this in big bore in the performance section above. 40mm bore, 10mm wrist pin. $99.95 

2stroke piston/ring kit
Everything you need for a quick rebuild. Moly coated piston, rings, wrist pin, circlips. These come in either 10 or 12mm wrist pin size. Genuine QJ brand. $29.95
choose wrist pin size

Standard 40mm replacement rings
Better than original genuine QJ rings ready to refresh that top end. $9.95

1E40QMB 2stroke exhaust gasket ring
Good replacement exhaust gasket ring will stop that annoying exhaust leak that makes alot of racket and reduces the power you could be making. Get it done quick and cheap at only $3.95

2stroke small end needle bearing
Can't find this anywhere else? You've found your home. $6.95
pick your size

JOG standard replacement head.
Got a warped head? Stripped the spark plug threads out? Quit trying to repair it as it will never be right. Get these cheap. $29.95

JOG90 head
 Standard replacement head for the 90cc 2stroke Minarelli 1E50QMF Jog engines. $39.95
JOG90 top end rebuild kit
Complete kit to refurbish your 90cc and often called 100cc 2stroke engine, more often found in buggies and ATV's than scooters. Engine number is often 1E50QMF. Vento was a popular brand for these. Piston, cylinder, gaskets, wrist pin, clips, rings. $79.95 

JOG standard intake boot (type 1)
Replace that cracks, hard, and leaking intake manifold boot with one that is soft and pliant. Quality rubber make these a long lasting replacement. Fits in between the reed valve and carburetor. This is the front mounted type. $9.95

Front mount airbox (type 1)
This is for the front mounted type carb JOG Minarelli and clones. Complete airbox with filter,mounting tabs. $24.95 

JOG air filter element (front mount)
Replacement air filter foam for stock front mounted 2stroke JOG type air boxes. $4.95 
JOG rear mounted intake manifold (type 2)
There are two different types of JOG Minarelli carb mounting. This is the type 2 that has the rear facing carb, and the rear mounted air box. Includes aluminum manifold and rubber boot.  $14.95

JOG mount airbox (type 2)
Standard airbox for type 2 mounting, on the side rear. This is the type that has the rear facing carb. $24.95 

JOG air filter element foam (rear mount)
Air filter element replacement for side mounted JOG 2stroke stock air boxes. $4.95 
Complete Minarelli Yamaha JOG style ignition stator generator charging coil assembly for your 1pe40qmb based scooter or atv. This will fit a variety of scooters including the Adly , Hammerhead, Malaguti, Aprilia, Beta, and so many more! Get it while it's hot at only $49.95

Replacement variator roller set
Name: These are replacement roller sets for your Minarelli 1E40qmb based 2 stroke scooter engine found in Yamaha JOG ZUMA, Adly Jet Fox, Vento Triton, TNG Venice LS49, Alpha sports, Bombardier, Malaguti, Aprilia, MBK, Italjet, Beta, Motron, and many others. Get it done right at only $8.95

JOG-50 10 spline 2 stroke starter
 ScrappyDog has everything, including the impossible to get anywhere else 10 spline starter. Same as above, but the output shaft has 10 splines instead of 9. $49.95
JOG-90 9 spline starter motor
 Electric starter motor fits JOG90 and JOG50's with 9 spline starter motor. Typically also have the 21mm variator and 12mm wrist pin pistons. $44.95
JOG 1E40QMB Reed valve
Complete replacement reed valve for your 2stroke 49cc engine. Gasket comes with gasket kit listed on this page only. $14.95


This is a direct replacement for your Chinese 2stroke, as well as Yamaha JOG, Malaguti, ATV's, mini choppers etc. These are quality ST brand coils that are built to perform and last. Let's see how long this price lasts at $14.95

JOG standard CDI ignition module
Standard replacement CDI for your two stroke JOG minarelli and clones listed above. Compare your plug styles to the pic here. $14.95 

2stroke Carburetor
This is the standard replacement carburetor with an electric choke.  We also have a limited supply of Mikuni carbs, please call. This fits the JOG Minarelli 1E40QMB two stroke engine with manual throttle slide. $39.95 

Mikuni Large round main jets
Large round main jets for JOG Minarelli 1PE40QMB 2stroke carburetors, along with dozens of other carbs that use this Mikuni style main jet. Available in a wide range of sizes larger than stock. These are a must for those of you that want to install an air filter, performance exhaust, and other upgrades. #75 through the big #100. $4.95 
choose your size

2stroke electric choke enrichener
Replacement choke for JOG Minarelli 1PE40QMB two stroke carburetors. Good quality at only $14.95

JOG standard carburetor rebuild kit
This is a complete carb rebuild kit for your standard stock carb found on many two stroke Chinese carbs, engine number 1E40QMB and 1PE40QMB. Float, gasket, main jet, pilot/idle jet and air adjustment, needle valve, float valve, etc. $14.95

Complete 18mm variator kit

This is a brand new replacement complete 18mm variator kit with rollers, fan, sliders, drive faces, and slide bushing for the two stroke Minarelli JOG ZUMA chinese scooter engine.  There are two different sizes in 2stroke variators, one has a 21mm inner slider bushing diameter, the other with an 18mm diameter. This size corresponds with your piston wrist pin diameter. A 21mm has a 12mm wrist pin, a 18mm has a 10mm wrist pin. You can also tell the different sizes by the number of teeth in the outer drive face/ fan. The 21mm variator has 15 teeth, the 18mm has 17 teeth. These are used in a variety of ATV and carts also. . We also stock all drive belts including performance type. Adly, Yamaha Zuma, CPI, Hammerhead and others. $34.95

Complete 21mm variator kit

This is a brand new replacement complete 21mm variator kit with rollers, fan, sliders, drive faces, and slide bushing for the two stroke Minarelli JOG 90  JOG90 and JOG50 chinese scooter engine.  There are two different sizes in 2stroke variators, one has a 21mm inner slider bushing diameter, the other with an 18mm diameter. This size corresponds with your piston wrist pin diameter. A 21mm has a 12mm wrist pin, a 18mm has a 10mm wrist pin. You can also tell the different sizes by the number of teeth in the outer drive face/ fan. The 21mm variator has 15 teeth, the 18mm has 17 teeth. These are used in a variety of ATV and carts also. These also fit the QJ1P39QMB-3 engine found in Vento Triton and Baja Sun City SC50. We also stock all drive belts including performance type. Vento, TNG, Bombardier and others. $34.95

21mm outer sheave fan
 Don't have the bucks for the variator kit? Replace just the outer sheave/belt fan here. Comes with sline ring like original. $14.95
Variator glide key set
Glide slider key set for JOG minarelli variators. Fits both 18 and 21mm sets above. Usually much better than original. These are the plastic bushings that the inner variator slides on. These can wear and or break, leaving you with poor performance or broke down! These also fit the Vento Triton, MotoMojo, Baja SC50, and other QJ-139qmb-3 engines.  $3.95

3 shoe rear clutch pulley set
Full 3 shoe rear clutch pulley is the most commonly used setup for JOG minarelli 2stroke scooters and atv's. Comes complete with drive pulley, sheave, springs, clutch's, and clutch bell! Both types of clutch bells available here for same price. JOG90 is usually 15 tooth, and JOG50 is typically 16 tooth. Adly Jet Fox Thunderbike, Malaguti, Hammerhead, Qlink, Vento Zip, Aprilia, etc. Only $44.95 
choose your type

JOG Minarelli 1PE40QMB rear clutch and bell

This is the 2 shoe rear pulley clutch for the JOG type 2stroke engined scooters. Adly Jet Fox Thunderbike, Malaguti, Hammerhead, Qlink, Vento Zip, Aprilia, and so many others. Priced to get you back in the action at just  $34.95
JOG Minarelli 1E40QMB 2stroke throttle oil pump cable Cable #1
This is the hard to find throttle/oil pump cable for the two stroke scooters, like Hammerhead, Vento Triton Zip, CPI, etc. Good quality at only $19.95

2Stroke throttle cable Cable #2

This is a brand new quality split throttle cable for 2stroke scooters and atv's. This is made by QJ for Keeway, Vento, Hammerhead, CPI, etc. Check the picture above for your splitter and end type. Has the threaded cable at the throttle housing end. $19.95

2stroke throttle cable #3
 2stroke throttle cable with splitter, one goes to carb, the other to the oil pump. Overall length: 71 inches. These are 1/4 turn twist in type cables that are normally on Vento Zip R3i scooters but may fit many others.
1E40QMB engine seal kit.
Complete kit to get your 2stroke back up and running. Complete with crankshaft engine seals, as these are a real problem with those enigmatic running problems that you may be having. $19.95

Stock JOG throttle slide
Replacement throttle slide. When these get worn, your bike will idle erratically. Fix it! $9.95 

Standard 2stroke oil pump
Had a failed pump? Get it done quick and cheap for only $19.95 We've also got a performance Mikuni pump in the performance section.

2Stroke brake shoes
These are the special brake shoes that your JOG Minarelli 1E40QMB 2stroke engine uses in the rear. They have the ridge on the pivot side to keep them retained unlike the 4stroke type with the retainer wall. Found no where else for any price. Get 'em here at wholesale cost! $19.95 

Smaller JOG brake shoes
 Same 2stroke brake shoes as above, just smaller diameter for those special applications requiring them. Measures about 91mm diameter. $19.95
NGK BR8HS 2stroke spark plug
Direct quality NGK spark plug for all your Minarelli and Morini (TGB) two stroke engines. Fits many other too. Cheap and quick as usual. $2.95 
Fan Cover
Complete fan cover for the 2stroke horizontals.  You need this installed for proper running, if not, it will overheat. These parts are getting hard to find at any price. $14.95

Engine cooling fan
Plastic engine cooling fan for JOG type engines is absolutely necessary to prevent overheating of you bike or atv. Cheap and easy. $7.49 

JOG 2stroke cooling shroud
 This is the cooling shroud that wraps around the cylinder head of 50cc or 90cc JOG/minarelli type 2stroke scooters. If you don't have this in proper place, the engine will overheat. $9.95 and $12.95
choose your engine type
Starter stator flywheel rotor
Good replacement flywheel rotor for the 2stroke stators. This often gets either wobbly, which damages the stator, or can lose it's magnetism over time. Get it cheap and fast as always. $24.95 

Starter intermediary gear
This is the gear that is between your starter output gear, and the starter clutch. Many are lost or damaged. We've got 'em in stock for immediate shipment. $19.95 

Kick start lever
The splines on these are always stripping off, or the darn thing just plain falls off! We've got 'em. $14.95 

Kick pinion and clip
Pinion gear/kick starter clutch that mounts in the belt cover and engages onto the end of the crank. $9.95

Kick start shaft
Replacement quality kick shaft with the half moon gear integrated. $24.95 

JOG kick starter bushing
Kick start shaft bushing that fits in the belt cover. $4.95 

Kick starter spring
This can get weak and/or break. Got 'em stock.  

JOG 50 Minarelli type starter clutch
If your starter is turning over, but not your engine, it's likely a faulty starter clutch. These are placed behind the variator. This will also fit the QJ1PE39QMB engine.  This has 17 teeth in the inner hole. $29.95

JOG 90 starter clutch
 If your starter is turning over, but not your engine, it's likely a faulty starter clutch. These fit the JOG 90's. Some 50cc JOG have JOG 90 clutch's just to confuse you as the Chinese love to do :) This has 15 teeth in the inner hole as opposed to 17 teeth like the JOG50 clutch. Be sure and check! $29.95
Variator nut
Here is a replacement nut that retains the front variator on your Minarelli type 2strokes. $3.95 

Flywheel rotor woodruff key
This little part is easy to lose or damage. Get a quick replacement fast and cheap. $3.95 

QJ-50 carb
This QJ/Leader carb is often found on QJ two strokes. This includeds Yamati, Vento ZIP, Strada, Benelli, and sometimes Fly scooters. Pay particular to the style of the choke housing to identify if this is the right carb for you. This will also work on just about any two stroke. Little better quality carb than our standard JOG unit, but still great price. $49.95

QJ-50 carb auto choke unit
Replacement choke/enrichener for the above QJ-50 carb. $19.95

757x17x28 standard belt
This is a standard replacement belt for the following two stroke scoots: 
  • Aprilia - Rally 50 03-04, Scarabeo 50 93-06, SR 50 97-01
  • Italjet - Dragster 50 98-04, Scoop 50 03
  • Malaguti - Ciak 50 02-05, F12 Phantom 02-05, F15 Firefox 02-05
  • $19.95

    780x16.5x30 Standard Belt
    Standard replacement belt for the following 2stroke scoots:
    ETON: Beamer ll
    Years: 2005, 2006
    • ETON: Beamer Matrix
    • Years: 2005, 2006
    • $19.95

    792x16.6x30 Standard Belt
    Standard replacement belt for Keeway QJ Hurricane and CPI type 2stroke engines found in various brands. $19.95 

    JOG Minarelli Crankshaft
    Better than standard replacement crankshaft for your Minarelli based 2stroke. $79.95! These come in both 10mm and 12mm
    choose your wrist pin size

    JOG90 crankshaft
    Direct replacement for standard JOG90 or JOG100 engines, or can be used for one of those big performance engine mods. This crank, in addition to the 54mm BBK above, will yield your little 50cc 2stroke a double displacment increase to 100cc! $99.95 
    JOG Minarelli Crank bearings and seal kit
    Set of quality bearings and seals for your 2stroke Minarelli. $29.95 

    Engine/suspension bushings
    Pivot bushings that attach the engine to the frame. When these are worn the rear end will sway about and be unsafe handling. Easy and cheap repair. $14.95 

    Mikuni 2stroke carb
    Top quality Mikuni name brand carb replaces and upgrades many 2strokes including the AD50, TGB, Adly, JOG, Minarelli, Zuma, etc.  $59.95 Now back in stock!

    JOG Minarelli belt cover
    Good quality replacement belt cover with ample ventilation for those of you needing more air flow to cool down that overheating belt, which causes them to break. This is vented in the front near the variator, and also an exit vent behind the clutch bell. $59.95

    Input shaft end bearing
    Very common failure in Minarelli type engines. This bearing is set in the belt casing, and supports the transmission input shaft that the rear clutch pulley rides on. If this bearing is worn, it will cause alot of noise, poor performance, belt breakage, and eventual catastrophic failure. These are new and improved, better than original, genuine Naili brand, with full grease seal. cheap fix. $9.95 

    Complete gasket set
    Every gasket that fits in a JOG type engine. nuff said. $14.95 

    JOG90 gasket set
     Complete gasket set for the JOG90 and QJ1e40QMB. Comes with everything you need and see here. $19.95 
    JOG output shaft
     This comes out of your transmission and is the shaft the rear wheel attaches to. This is often damaged from road hazards or over torquing. Get it here cheap and easy.  Outer end has 36 teeth, shaft has 18 splines. overall length is 5 1/16" Only $19.95
    Transmission input shaft
    This is the transmission shaft, gear, and bearing in the QJ JOG 2strokes that the rear clutch pulley rides on. This is easily worn, and should be replaced before more damage is done. $19.95 

    JOG variator outer sheave with nut
    Here it is finally. For those of you that have had the outer sheave splines strip out, and don't want to replace the entire variator, here it is! These are also good to buy if you're getting the performance variator which does not include this part. Fits 18mm variators. $14.95 

    JOG standard exhaust system
     Who else would carry this? complete stock replacement exhaust for the jog/minarelli based 2stroke!
    JOG style front wheel
     Most common 10" front wheel found on the 2stroke scooters.
    2.50x10 inch, 5 Spoke Front Rim for Street Scooters with front wheel set up for disc brake.  
    • Disc Brake
    • Size: 2.50x10
    • Bolt Hole Thread Size: M8x1.25
    • Bolt Hole Spacing: 57mm
    • Uses 6300RS Bearing
    • Disc Brake Hub Diameter: 40.3mm
    • Overall Hub Width: 112mm (4.4 inches)
    • $64.95
    JOG style rear wheel
     10" wheel for 2stroke JOG/Minarelli style engines with drum brake.
    • Drum Brake
    • Size: 2.50x10
    • Number of Splines: 18
    • Splined Inner Diameter (peak to peak): 17.9mm
    • Splined Inner Diameter (valley to valley): 19.6mm
    • Hub Depth: 40mm
    • Hub Inner Diameter: 110mm
    • $64.95
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