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Honda CA250 253FMM 250/300 Twin 4T

These engines are found in various motorcycles like the Vento Barracuda, Tank Vision 250, Johnny Pag, Baja Phoenix 250, Hensim 250CR, Qianjiang QJ250-3 SuperTiger, Honda Rebel 250cc twin and many others. We are beginning to stock parts for these. Please submit your requests and we will get them sourced and added.

253FMM complete top end rebuild kit
Complete top end rebuild kit for 253FMM marked Chinese engines, as well as the Honda 250 Rebel. Includes cylinder, pistons, rings, wrist pin, circlips, head and base gaskets. Try and get this any cheaper! $149.95 

253FMM complete head assembly
Fully assembled 250 twin cylinder head assembly fits the Vento Barracuda, Tank Vision 250, Honda Rebel, and many others that use the 253FMM engine. $149.95 

Vento Barracuda ignition key set
Complete ignition key, helmet lock, seat lock,  and gas cap set with extra keys. $69.95 

Replacement carburetors
Complete set of replacement carburetors ready to install. Fits the Vento, Tank, and Honda Rebels. Much less than OEM if you can even get 'em. $149.95

Ignition CDI box
Standard replacement CDI ignition unit for 253FMM based engines found in motorcycles, ATV's, buggies, etc. $29.95 

253FMM clutch plate pack
Full package of both drive and driven friction clutch plates for 250 twin Honda clone. Super deal for that slipping clutch. $44.95

253FMM complete gasket set
All the gaskets you could possibly need in this popular engine type.  $24.95

253FMM ignition coil
Replacment ignition coil for 250 twin engine. QJ brand. $29.95 

Intake boot set
A crack or leak in these intake manifold rubber boots will cause poor running and hard starting, not the least of which will cause engine damage. Easy and cheap fix only here at ScrappyDogs. Fits all 253FMM and Honda 250 Rebel. $49.95 for the pair! 

Regulator rectifier
Battery not charging or losing charge? It's likely either this or the stator. Can't beat the price.  $69.95

Replacement starter
Direct QJ brand 253FMM starter fits all Rebel based 250cc twins. $69.95

253FMM stator generator
Stator generator for 253fmm engines. Weak or no spark? No charging? Get this complete generator alternator with ignition pickup trigger together and save big.  $124.95

253FMM timing chain
 Brand new stock 49 link timing chain is of better quality than the original unit, and a direct replacement to keep that camshaft in time. Fits all 250 and 300cc twin cylinder Honda Rebel clone engines like Johnny Pagg, etc.  $29.95
No. Part Description Unitage
1 Cylinder pc
2 Piston kit(piston,piston pin and circlip) set
3 Piston Ring set set
4 Intake Valve & Exhaust Valve pair
5 Valve rocker arm assy. pair
6 Camshaft Assy. pc
7 Timing Chain pc
8 Starting clutch assy. set
9 Starting motor pc
10 Crankshaft Assy. pc
11 Clutch friction plate set
12 Main shaft assy. set
13 Driven shaft assy. set
14 Complete gaskets kit set
15 Rectifier pc
16 CDI pc
17 Ignition Coil pc
18 Stator Assy. pc
19 Flasher pc
20 Lock set set
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