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162FMJ Vento Rebellian

CG150 150cc and 200cc 4-stroke engine used in the Vento Rebellian and many other Chinese and Honda base street bikes, ATV's, and dirt bikes.

: QJ150-C(Owen 150), QJ150(Arsen 150),QJ150-F(Horse 150),QJ150-2G(Superlight 150), QJ150-11(Speed 150)

These also fit motorcycles and atv's with the CG200 engine found in many Zhongshen and Lifan. Engine code for these is 164FML


CG150 replacement 26mm carburetor
Replacement carburetor for your Vento Rebellian, and also many 4-stroke Honda horizontal dirt/pit bikes.  Mounting hole spacing is standard 48mm from center to center. $29.95

162FMJ replacement cylinder head
Complete assembled cylinder head with valves, springs, etc. Ready to install.
Found no where else for any price. $74.95 

162FMJ top end rebuild kit
Complete rebuild kit for your single cylinder, air cooled, 150cc engine. This includes cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin, circlips, base and head gaskets.  Unheard of anywhere! $74.95

CG200 top end rebuild kit
Complete top end end rebuild kit for air cooled CG-200 chinese 4stroke engines. These are often found in ATV's and some motorcycles. Comes with cylinder, piston, rings, gaskets, clips, wrist pin. Engine code is typically 163FML   $89.95

Vento Rebellian clutch cable
 QJ factory clutch cable for your Rebellian!
Vento Rebellian regulator rectifier
5 pin reg/rec for your 162FMJ based cycle. $29.95 

162FMJ stator generator
Complete, good quality stator generator for the 162FMJ based engines. Includes igntion pickup coil trigger. $89.95

Vento Rebellian Igntion key set
Complete igntion key set with locking gas cap and extra keys. $69.95 

Replacement starter motor
Get that burntout or tired starter motor replaced here. Quality Qj construction. $59.95 

Replacement CDI
Direct replacement for your CG150 based chinese motorcycle and ATV. $29.95  

Replacement ignition coil
Standard CG150 replacement coil to get you back up and running. $29.95  

Intake manifold boot
A cracked or leaking intake manifold can make your bike run aweful, or not at all. Get it done right with QJ quality parts here. $19.95 

Rebellian side covers
Replacement side covers with chrome inserts for Vento Rebellian and other models listed above for this page. $49.95 for the pair!

162FMJ CG150 4bolt clutch assembly
Full clutch 4 bolt assembly for CG150 engines found in ATV's, motorcycles like Vento Rebellian and other. $89.95

162FMJ CG150 6 bolt clutch assembly
6 bolt clutch assembly for CG150 engine found in atv and motorcycles. $89.95

clutch plate set
complete clutch drive and driven clutch plate set for your CG 150 162FMJ cycle/atv engine. $39.95 

Vento Rebellian service manual
Complete service manual on CD for Vento Rebellian and Keeway Superlight. Get that bike fixed right! $29.95

Rear drive chain
Brand spankin new drive chain for Vento Rebellian and other similar bikes taht use the unusual size 428 chain. $39.95

CG150 gasket set
Complete engine gasket set for CG150 engines found in cycles and atv's like Vento Rebellian and others listed above. $19.95 
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