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125/150cc Performance

152QMI & 157QMJ 125/150cc GY6 type engines
Same as 1p57qmj
The GY6 type A Honda clone engine is the most common engine in the US market. It is also known as the QMI152 and QMJ157.
Kymco Agility 125 150, Vento 150cc Phantom GT5, Tank 150cc (various models),Vento 150cc Phantom R4I, Strada RX150TE, Strada Chrome Edition RX150, Strada RX200HP, Strada 150CE, Primo Terminator 150cc, Primo "Strada" Streaker 150, Avanti Epsilon 150cc, Kinroad XT150T-8, Avanti Beta 150, Roketa Tahiti MC-03, Roketa Fiji MC-04, Verucci Viper 150GTX, Verucci Permier 150GTX SE, Tank Racer 150, RAD-10 150cc, Bemine 150 Touring, Racer 150. Lifan L150T-7, Lifan 125/150, Longbo 150, Mod Cycle 150, Wussi 150, Spigaly 150, Diamo 150, Velux 150, Retro 150, Loncin 150, Wangye 150, PGO -- Genuine G-Max - Blur150 Roketa, TaoTao bws 150, lancer 150, roman 150, paladin 150, powermax 150., VIP, Jonway, JMstar, SYM, Kymco, TNG, Tank, Sunl, Kymco, Tao Tao, Baja, Peace sports, Howhit 150, NST Schwinn, Tomos, Baron 150, Velocity 150, Icebear Maddog 150 Zenhua), Bintelli Havoc 150cc, Fly Piaggio GS125 scooter,  Avanti, Baja, Baotian, Baron, Bashan, BKM Sauron, Boreem (BMS), Boss, Bravo, CFMoto, Diamo, Dotera, Eton, GY6 QMI/QMJ 152/157, Honda, JM Star Tomahawk II, Kazuma, Kymco, Lifan, Qingqi, Roketa, Schwinn, Strada, SUNL, SYM, Tank Classic-150/150T-12, Tank Courier-150/150T-2A, Tank Racer-150/150T-7, Tank Racer-150DE /150T-7A, Tank Racer-150DS/150T-7B, TGB Freeway 125, United Motors, Matrix 150, Vento Avalanche GT5 '07, Vento Phantom, Vento Sauron, Verucci, Verucci Viper 150GTX, Wildfire, X-Treme, Yamati , YongKang, ZNEN, ZNEN ZN125T, ZNEN ZN150T-1, Ruckus GY6 conversions and Razor 170 and many more.

GY6 Performance Big Valve Head
Best of the Best.  Truly 100% top quality Taiwanese made big valve head, just for ScrappyDogs! Big also, with actual intake valve size at 30.5mm, and exhaust size of 26.5mm. Fits standard GY6-150 engines. While these are made to maximize those truly big bores of 63mm or larger, they will also fit our 59mm. Be sure and check all clearances before starting or cranking over. This is for the top gun scooterist who has to have everything the best and biggest! We've built 80+ MPH scooters with this!  Use with our big carbs, performance exhaust, cdi, coils and variators to maximize benefits $169.95 
Performance roller polygon sliders 18x14
These are probably the best bang for the buck if your still using those old round rollers in your variator. These will spread the load pressure to help broaden the range of variations as sticking is greatly reduced. So in the end, you will get the performance of a lighter and heavier weight roller, in one package, and last longer to boot. Just as good as Dr. Pulley, but much better price. $19.95 These come in 10g, 12g, 13g, and 15g now.
choose your weight
Performance variator roller set 18x14
Here you go, it's time to get those old rollers replaced, or you've done some modifications and want to get your scoot in tune. Rollers are the way you set the engine speed. Lighter weight raise engine speed, heavier weights lower engine speed. Be careful, higher is not always better as you can rev right past your torque curve and just spin out without any thrust. Too heavy a weight and you will be below your torque curve. These come in 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 17g. Quality at wholesale pricing. Only $9.95
choose your weight

Super high performance variator
This is it folks. Gigantic 115mm drive face, with super steep roller ramps, extended glide rails, neoprene glide bushings, moly coated ramps and plate, and your choice of our quality sliders in 10g, 12g. 13g, or high speed 15g.
choose slider weight
Here is a video on how to install our performance variator:

Performance racing GY6 Exhaust system
Cool looking, even better performing, stainless steel exhaust system for your GY6 125,150,200cc scooter/atv/buggy engine. Comes complete with headpipe, large silencer, and all mounting hardware. Works with both the clamp-on and engine tab mounts for single shock systems. This price is lower than most places dealer cost, cause your buying from a direct importer. $149.95 rear disc brake and 2 shock models may require slight modifications
Short Retro slash cut performance exhaust
Short slash cut, shark tip,  stainless exhaust system for your short case 125/150. Exhaust canister is 340mm long (under 14in) and would look great on a retro type scoot. Works with both clamp-on and engine tab mounts for single shock systemsLimited introductory rate: $139.95 rear disc brake and 2 shock models may require slight modifications

Bintelli Havoc performance exhaust
 It's taken years, but we finally have a performance exhaust for the dual rear shock, disc brake rear gy6-150! These also fit many gy6-B anomoly engines too! Fits Zhen R-X based scooters specifically. Full stainless steel construction with beefy mounting brackets and all mounting hardware included. Genuine Taiwanese manufacture. Hard find, and in stock for an unbelievable price of $164.99 Note: some modification may be necessary
Bando Performance Drive belt
Name: This is a genuine perforamance drive belt with Aramid ( like Kevlar ) for the long case scooter/atv engine. This is printed as an 835-20-30, but is also a direct replacement for the 842-20-30. We also have the 743-2-30 belt for the short cases like small wheel scooters, and ATV's. These are virtually indestructable and last a long time. Keeps you wallet in good shape too at only $34.95
choose your size

Scrap that limited stock CDI and drop in this unlimited performance CDI with no governer, and an advanced spark timing. This will increase acceleration and top speed by 5-10%, if all else is well. No guarantees on performance parts as this will not improve power if your engine is not running well to begin with. This is plug and play for GY6 scooter atv 50, 125, 150 engines in 152QMI, 152QMJ, 157QMI, 157QMJ, 139QMB 4strokes. If you have this connector and have an AC fired system, it work. See Tech Talk with MO! if your not sure. This is by far the lowest price unit on the market. $19.95

Installation video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcE7fOLfnys
This is the hard to find performance CDI for your DC fired system. These are found on the Kymco Agility 50 and 125cc, Diamo Velocity, Vento Triton, SYM VS 125, VMOTO 125cc Monaco, Schwinn, Tomos Nitro 50, Eton sport 50, SYM sport 50, gy6 150cc JCL-MD150 (vespa like), similar to Flyscooter La Vie, Lance Milan, BMS Evo9, Lance GSR-150 ,and other high end Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese scooters. These also include engine type 139QMA. You will have a 3 phase type generator and regulator/rectifier. Feel free to contact us to ensure proper fit, because we're sure the price fits at just $29.95
Gave my Tomos nitro 50cc 13mph extra, very happy AAAA++++
GY6 DC adjustable cdi
Racing CDI with adjustable timing for customized tuning on most 150cc and 125cc GY6 engine based vehicles.  
  • Note: This works with most GY6 engines depending on their wiring configuration
  • Split connection: 4 pin, 2 pin
  • 12v DC CDI (powered from vehicle battery)
  • Red Wire: 12 Volt Switched Power
  • Green Wire: Ground
  • Yellow Wire:  Ignition Coil
  • Blue Wire:  Pick Up Coil
  • $54.95
Bolt Box Fully Programmable Digital ignition advance CDI

Plainly said, you are not getting the most power out of your engine unless you have full control of your ignition timing advance. There is no other product on the market like this. The Bolt Box allows you to configure your timing in one degree increments up to 60 degrees advance in 1k rpm segments in real time and without a computer with the intuitive menu buttons on the face. This also allows you to set you rev limit to any speed and is capable of 19,900 rpm's. You can also switch between two ignition maps with the flick of a switch mounted on your handlebar. While running, this unit also functions as a digital tachometer! The Bolt Box is fully compatible with the AC ignition stators found on most scooters today. With the addition of our Inverter, you can go fully DC and eliminate the stator completely! Nonvolatile EEPROM configuration memory keeps your settings internally for life even without power. Made in Europe with an American brand microprocessor and ultra fast capacitor, this is not for the amateur, but for those that are or are going to be doing all the big modifications and want to ensure they are getting the full potential and bang for the buck from their engine, and this does it. This requires some simple wiring and an elementary understanding of electrics, but includes full instructions and schematics. Works with ALL scooter brands from any country and also works with any single cylinder motorcycle, 2T or 4T. At $179.95 the Bolt Box can't be beat. Limited quantities in stock, so get them while you can!
Bolt Box Inverter
This is the DC to AC inverter you need for the Bolt Box listed above to run in full DC mode. This is the preferable setup for clean and reliable power delivery and eliminates your erratic AC ignition stator. Sold for only $49.95 and made in Europe, this is fully sealed and built to last.
High energy ignition coil boosts that weak spark into a real shocker. This will improve starting, acceleration, and fuel mileage. This is plug and play for GY6 scooter atv 50, 125, 150 engines in 152QMI, 152QMJ, 157QMI, 157QMJ, 139QMB, 172MM, CF250, and all other 4strokes. As on all performance parts, no guarantee, as these parts will not fix a problem you may have elsewhere. Fits all Chinese 4stroke engines as well as your budget. $19.95

GY6 Racing gold CDI
Here it is for those of you that must have the best. Racing CDI for GY6 based engines in 139qmb and 157qmj and also the 125cc version also. Works with any AC ignition systems with this type plug on it. This is similar to our orange performance CDI, but a more agressive ignition advance curve. Recommended for the serious build. $24.95

Red hot high energy GY6 ignition coil
This GY6 performance ignition coil is similar to our orange coil, but hotter and more powerful! These fit all the fourstroke scooter/atv engines like the 139qmb, 152qmi, 157qmj, 172mm, 50cc, 125cc, 150cc, 250cc. Simple one bolt installation. Tank, Jonway, Honda Helix, NST, JMstar, etc. Now actually in stock and made in Taiwan!!! $29.95
CR7 Iridium Spark Plugs
Longer life, more stable spark energy are just some of the benefits of our Iridium spark plugs. Get them here cheaper than anywhere else as always. $9.95
High performance air filters
High flow performance air filter, clamps right onto your carburetor. Small profile to ensure tight clearance fits. Some 150's have a suspension cross member that interferes with filter installation. Not this one. Fits Tank, Sunl, Roketa, TNG, TGB, JMstar, Jonway. Just about any scooter, atv, buggy, dirt bike, etc. Two sizes for the common carbs. 38mm for the 50cc carb. 42mm for the 150cc carb. $9.95
filter size option

Chrome Performance Air Filters
 Universal fit reusable filter with chrome end caps.
Sold each - order one filter per carburetor.
It is recommended to measure your carburetor air filter mounting flange prior to installation.
By popular demand, we are offering these K&N style pod filters in addition to our Uni foam pod filters sold above. $11.95
choose your size option
Splash proof performance air filter
 Live in a wet and rainy part of the world and have issues with your rear wheel flinging water into your performance air filter? These have a protective plastic covering that helps prevent water flame out. Comes in 38mm for 50cc and 42mm for 150cc. Price for one is $14.95
choose your size
Carburetor main jet
Get it replaced or get it tuned right with that new air filter or exhaust system. These are cheap and easy to replace. Comes in 3 sizes: standard, #115, #125, and the guzzler #135. Only $4.95
choose your size
Performance Pre-filter
Want to preserve your new performance air filter and engine? This slip on pre-filter fits over our sock filters and prevents the larger particles and other debris from ever getting to your main filter, allowing it to last longer and filter more efficiently. Super cheap! $2.95 (may come in black or orange) 

JET super performance intake system
 Yeah, now this is cool. Complete intake system for the gy6 engine. This has a full steel intake tube that gives you more throttle response and mid range torque as compared to just a slip on. It also clears that darn cross bar! This intake tube then attaches to an all steel titanium dioxide anodized canister with internal filter (yes, filter is included and re-usuable). It doesn't stop there! For you bling addicts, this has a full LED light array for those street side night time scooter build showdowns! Comes with all mounting hardware! $39.95
Positive Crankcase Ventilator
Have, or are you removing your airbox?Is your scoot blowing oil? Have you run dry and don't know why? The reason may be that excessive pressure is being built up in your crankcase, which blows seals and/or pumps all your oil out the vent. This nifty device actually creates a vacuum within your engine by only allowing air out, and not back in. Made in the USA all steel construcion easily attaches to your vent line, which should be place above your engine as far as possible, and installed on the barbed nipple end. Threaded end is left open, or attached to a filter if you wish. This is a must if your running your scoot full throttle alot. New improved model. Cheapest performance fix anywhere at only $9.95
Crankcase vent/oil catch can
Crankcase vent and oil catch can solves all your venting problems. Oftentimes, scooters and ATV's are run full throttle for extended periods under heavy load. This causes alot of pressure to be built up in the crankcase, which results in a heavy oil vapor escaping out the vent, or anywhere else it can find, like through your seals. This can blow enough oil out that you could run out of oil before you think to check the level. Adds another vent outlet by replacing your oil dipstick. Attaches to your existing line also. We highly recommend adding the PCV to the outlet of this unit also. One line attaches to the existing vent, the other to the new dipstick, the other to atmosphere via PCV valve. Easy installation with all hardware included. Works with any engine. Color may vary. $29.95
Installation video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ki1gANVO14
***replaced by the JET catch can below***
JET oil catch can
 More affordable crankcase vent/oil catch can, all chrome steel JET oil catch can like above, but smaller. Includes canister with mounting bracket, oil line, and new vent that replaces your oil dipstick. Super cool unit for an unbeatable price.
GY6 retrofit oil cooler kit
 We've been looking for a very long time to get a retrofit oil cooler kit that isn't so darn expensive for the gy6-50 139qmb and the gy6-150, and here it is! This unit simply replaces your oil screen on the bottom of your scooter/atv engine and circulates oil through the radiator to keep your oil nice and cool. This is a must for any performance enthusiast who wants to keep their investment they have made in building a performance engine. Comes with radiator, lines, adapters, banjo fittings, clamps, mounts and all accessories. There is enough line to mount this pretty much anywhere. 
Get this, it's only $89.95
Performance NCY oil cooler kit
 Hot oil is the killer of any engine, especially one that has been modified to make more than stock power. Don't be a cheap skate and blow all your money on engine modifications just to let it get ruined or not last as long because of hot oil failure. This is a retro fit kit that is Taiwanese quality and ready to rock! Made by NCY.
Fits Gy6 125/150's.
Hoca Oil Pressure Release kit
 Hoca oil pressure release kit for gy6 based 4stroke engines and others that use a similar size dipstick. This kit helps reduce the negative pressure build up that can harm your engine.                
  • $37.95

Taida Koso High Performance GY6 Oil Pump
Super flow billet oil pump for all GY6 based engines. Why would you spend all that time and money on your scoot just to leave that low flow, cheap, unreliable oil pump? Oil is the life blood of any engine. Don't get cheap. Get this for only $79.95 and don't forget to get some good synthetic oil from us! (Listed in the Scooter Assesories section) We'll throw in free shipping on this one for a limited time.
Performance Torque Spring
Get that acceleration that you want from this performance torque spring at only $14.95. These come in all spring rates and may be colored black or uncolored.
choose your spring rate

Performance Clutch Springs
Performance clutch springs that bring out the wheely machine in your 150cc scooter and ATV. $9.95 Color may be in black or uncolored.
choose your spring rate

Performance clutch
Now that you've got the power, you better make sure your getting it to the ground. High friction clutch pads with rigid backing plates and red springs make this the definative GY6 clutch on the market. $44.95

Performance GY6 clutch bell housing
Performance clutch bell is better than original for several reasons: Heavy duty constrution with reinforced outer bell reduce or eliminate warping, which caused jittery takeoff. Fuller perforated and ventilated for cooler running. Improved grab, making power delivery assured.  How long will these last at only $39.95

Chrome Hoca performance bell housing
 Nice looking and even better performance taiwanese Hoca chrome clutch bell housing.
Performance 150 sliding torque sheave
Looking for a more aggressive torque sheave cam angle for your GY6? This is the ticket right here. $44.95 

Performance OKO 30 & 32mm CVK carburetors
Super good quality OKO carburetor with the performance flat slide throttle, pumper, reliable electric choke, large float bowl, Keihin components, #40 pilot and and comes with extra #38 and #42 jets. This carb is a must for anyone wanting to get more speed and acceleration out to their moto. The flat slide reduces veturi eddying, which results in not only better air flow, but more consistent fuel/air mixture ration. Ever seem like your bike ran weird on some days, and not others? It wasn't you, it was your cheap round slide carb. Step up to the plate and stop fooling around. Go fast, and going fast at only $139.95 
Comes in two different sizes.
choose your size
CVK Manual choke conversion kit
 Wow! Manual choke conversion for our CVK carbs. Make sure your choke is on, and positively off with this manual conversion from electric! may fit many other carbs.
Overall length: 24 inches
Sleeve length: 19.5 (50cm)
Mounting hole Diameter: 11mm
$39.95 complete!
Performance Cylinder Head.

Performance race cylinder head for the  157QMJ gy6 150cc and up four stroke chinese scooter/atv engines. Fits, but is not limited to the Roketa, Sym, Tank, VIP, Tank, Sunl, Vento, etc.
Ruima Taiwanese quality cast cylinder head is the same quality used for Honda's contract manufacturing. This big port head has extra sized ports, nitrated HD valve springs, titanium valve keeper, sodium filled and coated valves, and is a much better performer than stock. This is specifically for the 59mm big bore kit we sell, or for your own. It will also fit other cylinder sizes.
I would recommend using our performance CVK 32mm carb kit with performance manifold to take full advantage of this head.I would recommend our Ruima performance head and CVK carb kit to take full advantage of this upgrade.
125cc and 150cc, 155cc, and  other import from China or Taiwan, PGO, BUGRIDER, Bugxter, KYMCO: GY6 125cc and 150cc scooters.
HONDA: GY6 125CC, SYM GY6 150cc VENTO: Phantom R4i 125cc 150cc, Strada RX150, Yamati, Verucci, Baccio, Viva, Matrix, Wuzzi, Lifan and Clones fitted to most GY6 base engines: Scooters, Buggies, ATVs and Quads.    
Taiwanese quality for a super low price of only $99.95!

59mm Big Bore Kit
Performance race Big Bore kit for the 152QMI and 157QMJ gy6 125 and 150cc  four stroke chinese scooter/atv engines. Fits, but is not limited to the Roketa, Sym, Tank, VIP, Tank, Sunl, Vento, etc.
This is a quality Taiwanese Denso DS 59mm big bore kit. This is the largest you can go without machining the crankcases. Quality Honda contract contruction unlike mainland China kits. Ceramic coated dome molybdenum solid lubed and Nikasil. Nitrated rings ensure good seal and long life. Moly coated piston skirt make for easy break in and reduced friction. Big bore can be used with stock heads, as well as performance heads. Increases compression to a decent level, making for better throttle response.Comes complete with all gaskets, piston, wrist pin, ring set, cylinder. I would recommend our Ruima performance head and CVK carb kit to take full advantage of this upgrade.
125cc and 150cc, 155cc, and  other import from China or Taiwan, PGO, BUGRIDER, Bugxter, GY6-B BN157QMJ, KYMCO: GY6 125cc and 150cc scooters.
HONDA: GY6 125CC, SYM GY6 150cc VENTO: Phantom R4i 125cc 150cc, Strada RX150, Yamati, Verucci, Baccio, Viva, Matrix, Wuzzi, Lifan and Clones fitted to most GY6 base engines: Scooters, Buggies, ATVs and Quads
Denso brand at just $99.95 


4 part video on big bore installation:

Big bore piston/ring kit
 Complete big bore piston kit includes piston, wrist pin, circlips, and rings to freshen up our big bore top end listed above in case you are trying to save money. (actual bore size is 58.5mm)
59mm Big bore head
59mm big bore head is a perfect match to our 59mm big bore head. Good price at only $74.95 

CVK performance carburetor kit
Performance race  CVK quality 30mm carburetor for the 152QMI and 157QMJ gy6 125 and 150cc  four stroke chinese scooter/atv engines. Fits, but is not limited to the Roketa, Sym, Tank, VIP, Tank, Sunl, Vento, etc.
CVK is the ultimate name in carburetion. This kit, with a steel, not rubber, intake manifold will make a market difference in not only overall performance, but in starting and feel. Flat slide reduces turbulence, impoving reliable fuel mixture settings. The this is a whopping 8mm larger than stock, yet you will lose minimal bottom end, but gain tremendous top end speed and acceleration. I would recommend our performance head to take full advantage of this kit.
There is a vacuum port nipple on this manifold, just not in this picture. I would recommend using this carb with our performance Ruima head to take full advantage of it's benefits. We are including everything, even a new performance air filter, for just $124.95

A9 Sport Performance Camshaft
This is the A9 spec sport performance camshaft for the 157QMJ and 152QMI 150/125cc GY6 engine. Give your engine a boost in the upper mid-range and top-end. Only $49.95

Performance A14 camshaft
Super good quality performance cam for a boost in low-end to midrange torque for your 125/150 and larger GY6-150, 152QMI, 157QMJ, 161QMK, etc. New low price. $49.95

Performance aluminum intake manifold
Tired of your intake boot cracking and leaking? Want to get the most performance out of your stock or performance carb? These are the ticket. Smooth inlet porting allows for laminar flow that promotes power, and solid aluminum contruction keep that rubber from getting old and cracking. There is a vacuum port nipple on this manifold, just not in this picture.This manifold not only fits 24 - 32mm carbs, but it also fits your budget $24.95

Hoca performance intake manifold
 Have you had trouble installing a performance manifold on your gy6-150 based scooter only to find that it interferes and rubs against the cross member bar? This is the manifold that is anlged slightly up and to the side to make space and solve your problem! All metal constructions and high quality Taiwan manufacture. comes with gasket.
  • Inner Diameter (carb side): 37mm
  • Inner Diameter (engine side): 27.5mm
  • 2 Vacuum Points
4-Valve performance head
Have you done it all to your performance scooter or ATV? Bet you haven't done this. The 4 valve head is a quality made unit that replaces everything from the head gasket up. Head, cams, cam cover, valves, studs, etc.  Make the real performance difference that nothing else can deliver. When it comes to 4strokes, the head is critical. New kits at an unbelieveable and unheard of low price! Not for the faint of heart. This is the new Japanese quality Taiwanese made kit that is sure to impress $249.95 !!!

Big valve, 4 valve head
 Holy Crap! how much more power can you get out of these scooters! This is the big valve version of our 4 valve head. We have this for the standard gy6 and also for our oil cooled gy6-200 engine. Has 23mm intakes and 22mm exhausts. Super good quality Taiwanese manufacture. Comes with assembled head, cam cover, camshaft and retainer frame, extended chain ( if using our stroker crank), studs, insulators, gaskets. Everything in one super duper kit and in stock in the USA for only $549.95
choose which engine
4 valve big bore kit
 Found no where else for any price, here is our 58.5mm 4valve big bore kit for the gy6-150. Has matching 4 valve pockets to perfectly compliment our 4 valve head sold above.  Sold with piston, rings, circlips, gaskets and cylinder. Requires no machining to crankcases on standard gy6 engines.
Holy smokes, and it's cheap too!
Ultra 4 valve big bore kit
 For the discerning gy6 enthusiast that must have the best. 63mm BBK for the 4 valve head! Get the most from your gy6 with this kit that includes 4 pocket piston, wrist pin, gaskets, rings, circlips and cylinder. All taiwanese manufacture. Of course this kit requires case boring, which we sell the tool also. This is the maximum size bore that can be done in a standard gy6-150!
4 valve piston/ring kit
 Piston kit for 58.5mm 4valve kit above, or bore out your existing cylinder to fit. Piston, rings, circlips and wrist pin included.
Vento Phantom, Tank, Baja, Schwinn, Eton, BKM Sauron, SUNL, Various unlisted makes/models, Qingqi, Kazuma, Baotian, Wildfire, Diamo, SYM, Kymco, United Motors, Matrix 150, Yamati , JM Star Tomahawk II, Boss, Honda, Boreem (BMS), YongKang, Baron, Roketa, Bravo, GY6 QMI/QMJ 152/157, Redcat, Bashan, X-Treme, CFMoto, Avanti, Dotera, ZNEN, Lifan, Vento
4 valve piston/ring kit 63mm
 4 valve pocket piston/ring set for our 4 valve kit above or for custom applications for those doing there own cylinder boring and have our 4 valve head. Fits all gy6 125 150cc+ engines
4 valve head replacement valves
 Genuine replacement valves to refresh your 4 valve head from ScrappyDogs.
Titanium valve spring retainers
 So cool!!! Titanium is about 2/3 the weight of steel, yet has the same strength. Since valves are a reciprocating mass, the lighter you get your valve train, the less valve float you get, which translates into more power and actually more reliability. These are for the four valve heads. 2 valve are available.
Titanium performance valve springs
 Lightweight performance valve springs mean less float and more go! We've got em in stock for the 4 valve heads and 2 valve are available.
59mm big bore gasket kit
Finally, a full replacement gasket kit for our 59mm big bore kit. Includes head gasket and base gasket. Good Taiwanese quality at ScrappyDog price $14.95

59mm big bore ring set
Long lasting nitrated Taiwanese ring set for excellent performance. $19.95

GY6-200 complete performance engine
Big bore, high quality complete 161QMK long case engine, ready to bolt into your existing 125/150 engine slot. Works with all 150 parts including carbs, exhaust, etc. Comes complete with  remote oil cooler. Don't spend all the expense and labor building a big bore, just get a drop in replacement, as these use the same mounting and many of the same parts as a standard GY6. These are a pretty unique engine found rarely. We've got a limited supply of these, and have priced them at the usual ScrappyDogs low wholesale cost.  Delivery is for the lower 48 states, but other locations delivery available upon request. This is a complete engine assembly unlike other kits. Don't get an unwelcome surprise.  Makes about 10HP and 7.5 ft/lbs of torque in standard form, but can make up to 18hp depending on periphial equipment and tuning. These engines have larger top end stud spacing which allows for a more durable case and more space for larger big bores and strokers, which are available on our gy6-200 dedicated page.
Belt case is no longer chrome, but we have some available on this page as separate item.  Limitied supply of these big boys in stock.$599.95 
Standard and performance parts now available for our GY6-200 engine here:

61mm big bore kit
61mm big bore kit fits gy6-125 and 150. Will fit many Taiwanese made 150's like Genuine Buddy, and many others, without case modifications. Standard Chinese engines will require the cases to be bored out. Outside diameter of cylinder base is 65mm. Taiwanese quality here, at ScrappyDog prices! $119.95 

63mm Big bore kit
This Taiwanese made big bore kit is the biggest available for the GY6 possible. You will need to machine fit your crankcases to fit, unlike our 59mm which is a direct bolt in.   Complete kit with cylinder, piston, gaskets, rings, wrist pin, clips.  $129.95

GY6 63mm complete gasket set
 Everything you need for your gy6 that has a 63mm BBK on it!
GY6 62mm water cooled conversion
 Are you really serious about your GY6? Prove it. Taiwanese, top quality water cooled big bore conversion kit for your GY6! 62mm bore size includes top end, electric water pump, and radiator. Cases will need to be machined. Does not require a stroker crank. These are NOT cheap chinese kits. These are now in stock and ready to ship!
Engine case boring tool
 Engine Case Boring Tool for 2-stroke Minarelli engines, 50cc 4-stroke QMB139 engines and 150cc 4-stroke GY6 engines.
Do your own case boring and save!
Bore up to 67mm
Hardware and allen wrench included.
+4mm GY6 stroker crankshaft
Quality Taiwanese built stroker crank bumps your displacement up considerably, depending on the bore size you have. With the above 63mm BBK, you will have a true and full 200cc. You simply need to install a couple of extra base gaskets below your cylinder to make space for this beast.  $149.95

Chrome fan cover
Cool fan cover to augment all your custom performance work you've done. Let 'em know your different without blowing the budget. $19.95 

GY6 chrome fan scoop
 Chrome shroud scoops up much needed volume of air to feed to the engine fan when you're moving. These are meant for the 150's, but will fit the 50cc's also. Mounts on the mouth of your cooling fan cover, like the matching chrome cover above. I dare you to find one for less at only $14.95
Integrated racing CDI/coil adjustable!
Fully adjustable integrated racing CDI/coil package is basically the entire igntion package in one unit. Plugs in just like original, and works with all GY6 based AC fired systems. Adjustment pot changes the timing advance to suit your application and make tuning a snap. Try and find these anywhere else, especially for a scooter! $79.95 

Performance gear sets
Is your bike limited in top speed because it's revved out? Reaching maximum RPM's, and not going any faster? You may need a higher ratio gear in your transmission. These are an easy swap with your original gears, located behind the rear clutch pulley. Made in Taiwan MRTT parts are much better than original also. Comes in two gear teeth count. 15T is for long case (or really low gear on short case), 18T is for short case, or really high gear on a long case.  $39.95! 
choose your tooth count
Video on how to install gear sets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPkUeLqDCWo
CVK choke
Replacement choke electric enrichener circuit for the larger CVK type carbs. Fits genuine Keihin also. Rare find, for a rare price. $24.95

Custom chrome and ventilated GY6 belt cover
Chromed out and ventilated long case belt cover for your GY6 125 and 150 scoot and atv engine. This not only looks good, but increases performance and extends belt life by flow through air dynamics. Good quality, at an unbelievable price. $69.95 
TRS CNC milled aluminum CVT belt cover
 Get rid on that ugly cast and bulky CVT cover. Our CVT includes a .13" THICK Stainless Steel 'backing plate' to help prevent case cracking along with covering the ugly insides of the stock swingarm, a billet machined decorative front plate, and billet aluminum machined standoffs that hold the decorative plate out from the swingarm for that custom look. The plates come RAW, ready for you to paint.
Billet aluminum dipstick
 Solid billet aluminum dipstick made from solid stock, and polished, with o-ring for GY6 150 and 50. Now this is frickin cool stuff.
GY6-200 Big bore engine assembly
OOF! Big bore 200cc engine assembly for your ATV/buggy/4wheeler finally! This is a complete engine that will fit in your buggy 125 or 150cc application with little or no modifications. Comes with forward,neutral, and reverse gear shifting transmission short case. Will attach to existing remote shift systems also. Heavy duty design is built to performance and last. Much better than original. Even has a remote oil cooling system. $624.95 
94 link cam chain
94 link cam chain is a replacement for 4valve performance head kits, BN type engines with 16" rear wheel, and CH125/150 engines. No where else can you find this! 19.95 

GY6 performance rear shock
Gas charged, remote reservoir racing rear shock. Fully anodized aluminum with heavy duty springs greatly improves road handling and bottoming out. Works and lasts longer than original by light years! Sold as singles for rock bottom price at this quality level. $99.95

GY6 High Torque Performance starter motors
 Just did that big bore kit? Big valve kit with high compression? Stroker crank? or for the totally performance minded did all of the above and then some? Now your engine won't even crank over with the stock starter? ScrappyDog is the ONLY one that has you covered. Available only from us, Taiwanese quality made high torque, high performance electric starter motors for the gy6-150+ and 139qmb 50cc+ based scooter engines! 50cc has 10 splines. 150cc has 9 spines. Very limited quantity in stock! $89.95
choose your engine
Performance Lithium battery
 Lithium ion Polymer technology
All components are designed, manufactured, assembled and packed in one location assuring high quality and consistency.
Extremely lightweight, 50 to 70% lighter than standard batteries.
Built in LED test gauge on top.
Increased cranking amps over lead acid batteries.
Fast recharge, can be brought up to 90% charge within 6 minutes.
Comes fully charged and hold a charge without maintenance for up to a year!
Easily 6 to 12 times more cycle life compared to lead acid batteries.
Long shelf life, up to 1 year before requiring recharging.
Can be mounted in any position.
No hazardous acid or heavy metals, non-explosive and non-combustable.
No shipping restrictions.
More precise fitments compared to other brands of lithium batteries.            
Nuff said. Lead acid and AGM batteries are obsolete. Make the up front investment in these lithium batteries and it will save you money in the long run.
We sell two sizes for the 4amp and 7amp size frames found commonly in chinese scooters.
Measurements are: 4 7/16 x 2 3/4 x 3 3/8 and 6 x 3 7/16 x 3 11/16
Remember, lithium batteries are more compact and packe a bigger punch than standard batteries, so a smaller battery will perform much better than a comparable battery the same size.
Note: these are much higher rating than standard acid batteries. 4amp battery actually cranks out a full 150 CCA's for those hard starting small frame 50cc scooters, this, along with our heavy duty starter is the fix.
$98.95 for either 4amp or 7amp size
choose your size
High Flow/High Capacity fuel filter
 This is the biggest and baddest fuel filter you can get for your hot rod scooter or motorcycle or atv/buggy. Don't compromise on this. 8 square inches of polymerized paper filter area suitable for gasoline or gasahol. Gravity flow rate of 7.6 gallons per hour! These are super good quality and will likely be your last filter. Look at this pic that shows the performance filter next to a standard filter. (one filter per purchase...don't get confused)
Taiwanese performance cams
 Top quality performance camshafts in three different configurations. These come in T-one (high 5.5mm lift) T-100 (for midrange) and T-300 (for top end).
These cams are high heat treated and ground to shape. Good quality bearings. These are for the discerning engine builder only who knows what they are doing and knows what they want. Fits standard GY6 engines as well as our gy6-200 and the BN 150. Choose your cam below for only $109.95
Choose your grind
High Torque performance head.
 Not everyone wants a big valve, high speed, high rev performance scooter. This head, in conjuction with our high torque intake manifold, A-14 cam, heavy roller/sliders, will yield a very responsive and high mid range torque gy6 for everyday driving. 28/23 valves fit standard gy6 engines with superb Taiwanese quality. With good oil and maintenance, these heads will last forever.
gy6 high torque performance intake w/bolt
 Whoa! ram air high tunnel effect high torque intake gives you more midrange and low end with your high torque head and A-14 cam.
Comes with longer bolts and clamp.
10 piece gy6 carb tuning kit
 Just for mechanics and tuners alike. Buy the entire kit and save half off on the jets!
GY6 and CN250 CVK Main Jet Kit for 150cc and 125cc GY6 carburetors and 250cc 4-stroke water-cooled 172mm carburetors, includes a size range from #100 - #140. Available in 10 piece or 50 piece set.

8mm studs and/or nuts
 These are the larger 8mm exhaust studs and/or nuts. These are much less likely to snap off like those twig size 6mm's usually found on gy6's.
These are also standard on our performance 150 heads.
Comes as a set of nuts, set of studs, or both!
choose your poison
GY6 heavy duty starter clutch
img-qind.JPG Heavy Duty Starter Clutch Assembly for 150cc and 125cc GY6 4-stroke QMI152/157 and QMJ152/157 engines. 
  • Keyhole Diameter: 23.4mm
  • Includes Needle Bearing
  • 5 Rollers
  • Overall Outer Diameter: 71mm
Dr Pulley gy6 variator kit

Dr Pulley GY6 Variator KitDr. Pulley Performance Variator Assembly V 181401 for 125cc & 150cc 4-stroke GY6 engines.
Specially Designed Ramp Shape

  • Extended Ramp Length
  • Adjustable Boss Length
  • Racing Type Ramp Plate
  • $99.95
GY6 performance alternator kit
 img-qind.JPGHoca Performance Rechargable Alternator Kit for 150cc and 125cc GY6 4-stroke QMJ152/157 QMI152/157 engines commonly found on scooters, ATV's and Dune Buggies.

Magneto/stator super coil
Lightened flywheel
Turbo cooling fan
White Plug: 3-pin, male
2 Single Plugs

94 link cam chain
 94 link cam chain for use with stroker cranks. We also have the 96 link. These are genuine quality chains made by Kymco. $19.95
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