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152QMI & 157QMJ 125/150cc GY6 type engines
Same as 1p57qmj
 The GY6 type A Honda clone engine is the most common engine in the US market. It is also known as the QMI152 and QMJ157. Kymco Agility 125 150, Vento 150cc Phantom GT5, Tank 150cc (various models),Vento 150cc Phantom R4I, Strada RX150TE, Strada Chrome Edition RX150, Strada RX200HP, Strada 150CE, Primo Terminator 150cc, Primo "Strada" Streaker 150, Avanti Epsilon 150cc, Kinroad XT150T-8, Avanti Beta 150, Roketa Tahiti MC-03, Roketa Fiji MC-04, Verucci Viper 150GTX, Verucci Permier 150GTX SE, Tank Racer 150, RAD-10 150cc, Bemine 150 Touring, Racer 150. Lifan L150T-7, Lifan 125/150, Longbo 150, Mod Cycle 150, Wussi 150, Spigaly 150, Diamo 150, Velux 150, Retro 150, Loncin 150, Wangye 150, PGO -- Genuine G-Max - Blur150 Roketa, TaoTao bws 150, lancer 150, roman 150, paladin 150, powermax 150., VIP, Jonway, JMstar, SYM, Kymco, TNG, Tank, Sunl, Kymco, Tao Tao, Baja, Peace sports, Howhit 150, NST Schwinn, Tomos, Baron 150, Velocity 150, Icebear Maddog 150 Zenhua), Bintelli Havoc 150cc, Fly Piaggio GS125 scooter, AutoMoto,  and many more.

Standard parts below, performance parts here
GY6-150 parts fiche here

743-20-30 DRIVE BELT
This is the standard replacement drive belt for the short case 125/150cc 4-strokes. If you have a 10" wheel on the back, it's likely a short case. Smokin' hot deal at $14.95 

835-20-30 drive belt
Here is a standard drive belt for your GY6 125/150 scooter atv engine often found in Vento and Verucci. $14.95

842-20-30 DRIVE BELT
Standard replacement belt for the long case 125/150cc 4-strokes. If you have a 12" or larger wheel in the rear it's likely a long case.  Vento Phantom R4i, R3, Jonway, NST, Tank, JMstar, Roketa, Sunl, Peace, and so many others. $14.95

Gates Powerlink 743-20-30
For those of you who don't like fixing broken belts on the side of the road, spend the extra couple of bucks and get a Gates. $29.95

Gates Powerlink 842-20-30
For those of you who don't like fixing broken belts on the side of the road, spend the extra couple of bucks and get a Gates. $29.95

815-20-30 drive belt
Here is the drive belt for GY6 based engines like the CPI Husser 125 and 150 and other $19.95

Accurate GY6 dipstick
Accurate dipstick for all GY6 50, 125, and 150cc scooter engines. $4.95 If your dipstick isn't accurate, you could cause major engine damage.
This is the standard replacement CDI for all of the AC fired pulsed chinese engines. Tank, Sunl, Roketa, Vento, TNG, VIP, Baja, Jonway, JMstar, Peace, Lance, NST, as well as others. GY6 139QMB. The AC fired is the most common on over 95% of all engines. If your not sure, go to the TechTalk with MO! He may help. This has the 4 pin and 2 pin connector that is most common. Standard part at a standard price. $9.95
This is the standard replacement coil for just about every 4stroke chinese engine out there. This part fails just as often as the CDI, so stock up at a stocking price. Tank, Sunl, Roketa, Vento, TNG, VIP, Baja, Jonway, JMstar, Peace, Lance, NST, as well as others. GY6 139QMB.  Just $12.95
Standard GY6 DC fired CDI ignition module fits many 150cc and 50cc scooters and ATV's. This has a stock ignition advance curve, and is comparable to many direct replacement units, just for a fraction of the cost elsewhere. $19.95
Top-end rebuild kit
Everything you need to fully rebuild that tired and worn out top-end of your 150cc scooter. Piston, cylinder, wrist pin, rings, circlips, head gasket and base gasket.This will also upgrade your 125 to a 150. Fit all GY6 152QMJ/QMI and 157QMJ/QMI. Fit your budget too at only $ 49.95

Standard Non-EGR replacement head
Complete non-EGR cylinder head for the 150cc GY6 scooter engine. This includes the valves, springs, seals, seats, and head itself. Can't miss this at $49.95

EGR standard 150 head
Standard 150 EGR head for those of you who wish to retain your stock emissions control parts. Bolts right up like original, and is good quality.  $49.95

GY6 125/150cc cam holder retainer bracket and rocker arms
Complete new unit is ready to install and use. Better than original equipment. $29.95

NON-EGR Cam cover
Brand new 4 bolt cam cover for the GY6-125/150 scooter/atv engine. This is the nonEGR version, complete with vent spigot and labrynth. Ready to install. $19.95

EGR valve cover
Most places don't even know the difference, but we have both types of valve covers. This is a complete EGR cover, fully assembled and ready to install as original.  $29.95

Cam cover gasket/o-ring
Tough to find replacement gasket for your 139qmb (same gasket for both EGR and non-EGR, and 150 (both EGR and non-EGR available) . $4.95
choose your type

2 bolt valve cover gasket
For those of you that have looked everywhere for this gasket, your search is over. These fit the 2 bolt valve cover gy6 found in many larger framed scooters and atv's. $7.48 
GY6-150 Crankshaft
Completely assembled crankshaft with bearings, connecting rod. This fits the 125 and 150cc QMJ/QMI engines and others. Fits you too at only $49.95 We even include NPM Viton oil seals at no extra cost!
See how to install it here:
GY6 Variator (front clutch) Kit
This is a complete variator clutch kit for your GY6 125 or 150 scooter. This includes both pulleys, fan, ramp plate, glide slider keys, rollers, sliding dowel. Complete kit at a complete price. $34.95

Variator Glide Key set
Here is those little slider bushings in your 125/150 variator that are always getting worn and/or broken. Get a set of 3 here quick and easy.  $3.95

GY6 clutch pulley bell assembly
Name: Don't take a chance on repair or price, this kit includes it all for a reasonable price you can live with. Clutch, torque pulley, bell housing. Completely assembled and ready to assemble. Better than standard equipment. $49.95

GY6 stator magneto
Name: Complete stator magneto assembly with the ignition pickup and leads. This fits in the 125 and 150 engines. You can choose between the 8 and 6 pole type. We also have the flwheels also.
These are good quality, at cheap prices  $39.95
choose your type
Here's a video on how to install a stator:
11 pole coil stator generator GY6
11pole stator generator complete for your quality scooter/atv. These are not the common ones like the 8 or 6 pole, so you've found your source. Comes complete with pickup trigger. Wires are white, yellow, green, pink, white/blue and red/black. We carry all stators, so if you don't see it, ask! Only $39.95!

GY6-150 Flywheel rotor
Brand new good quality 11, 8, and 6 pole flywheel magneto rotor for your 125 and 150cc scooter/atv/buggy engine. Don't let demagnatization of your flywheel drive you nuts in your diagnosing of charging or running problems $29.95 each.
choose your type

GY6 125 and 150 Flywheel rotor puller tool
This is a flywheel puller tool for the 150cc GY6 based scooter/atv engines. Do it right, and do it cheap at only $19.95!

Gy6-150 8 pole stator AC
 Full wave A/C, diameter: 88mm. width: 30mm, bolt hole spacing: 41mm. Bolt hole diameter: 6mm. Coil wire length: 534mm (21inches). Number of coils: 8
GY6-150 cooling fan
These fans are critical for proper cooling of your engine. These fit both the 125 and the 150. $9.95

11 pole, 5 wire regulator rectifier
Matching 5 wire regulator for the 11 pole stators found in many Schwinns, SYM, Diamo, etc. $19.95

These are always suspect, get 'em replaced. If the diaphram inside this unit fails it will override your carb float valve and flood the engine to the point that it will actually lock-up while sitting overnight. Tank, Sunl, Roketa, Vento, TNG, VIP, Baja, Jonway, JMstar, Peace, Lance, NST, as well as others. GY6 139QMB. This is the type that screws onto the bottom of your fuel tank. $14.95

If you don't have the above tank mount fuel valve, you likely have this inline type. Easy to install on any vehicle of any type. Tank, Sunl, Roketa, Vento, TNG, VIP, Baja, Jonway, JMstar, Peace, Lance, NST, Adly as well as others. GY6 139QMB. Has a single bolt mount for easy installation. Easy on the price too. $14.95

If your 125/150 sounds really loud from underneath, you need to get this gasket in place. Do it cheap at only $3.95

Starter motor for 125/150
Complete good quality electric starter motor for your GY6 based scooter/atv engine. $49.95
150 starter clutch assembly
Complete, ready to install, quality starter clutch assembly. If your starter is just running over, and not turning over the engine, this is the culprit. $29.95 

Starter clutch retaining nut
This it the reverse thread spanner type retaining nut for the gy6 starter clutch. $3.95 

Starter clutch removal tool
This is an absolute necessity for repair shops and those who are rebuilding gy6 engines. Removes the starter clutch easily and quickly, without damage to your engine. $19.95 

Kickstarter Kit
Name: Complete kit to get that kickstarter back in working order. Shaft, lever, gear, and spring. $29.95

Intake manifold
Good quality intake manifold for your GY6 scooter/atv engine. If your having trouble keeping a steady idle, or it just dies, you've likely got an air leak here. Cheap fix at only $9.95

Carburetor intake manifold insulator
Cheap little parts, but immanently necessary. These tend to crack and cause havoc with the way your engine runs. Don't take a chance. $2.95

GY6 150cc Carburetor.

This is a brand new complete quality replacement carburetor for your 150cc GY6 based scooter/atv engine. Fits many scooters/atv's/buggies like Roketa, Tank, Jonway, JMstar, Vento, etc. Rungtong Keihin type carb compatable with Deni carburetors also. $44.95
We also have the larger, better flowing 26mm gy6 carburetor available!

Larger 26mm GY6 carburetor $54.95
Carburetor main jet
Get it replaced or get it tuned right with that new air filter or exhaust system. These are cheap and easy to replace. Comes in 3 sizes: standard, #115, #125, and the guzzler #135. Only $4.95 
choose your size
Carburetor pilot idle jets (upgraded and standard)
This is that little jet that causes so much trouble. If your bike is stumbling off idle, won't run when warmed up, or has been sitting for a long time and won't stay running, replace this jet and cure the problem. We also have these in upgraded sizes, like #38 and #40 (stock is #35). The larger size makes starting easier, and off idle power increased. Easy swap and cheap fix. #40 is for the real hard starters. $4.95
choose your size

Carburetor diaphragm
Bike won't run past half or so throttle? Look into the carb with the intake boot off and watch the throttle slide as your gunning the gas. If it's not going all the way up, you've likely got a leaking diaphragm. $7.95

ACV carburetor valve kit
It's taken some time, but we've finally got some of these in stock. The ACV (air control valve) is located on the side of the carburetor. The function is to enrichen the mixture when you close the throttle, preventing backfires when decelerating. What it also means when it malfunctions, is an annoying poor running condition with black soot all over your plug, among other symptons. You professional mechanics know about this valve, and have longed for one for a long time, so here they are! Comes with the complete kit as shown. $7.49

Complete carburetor rebuild kit
This is everything you need to put the life back into your old carb and get it fixed. Main jet, pilot idle jet, air screw, spring, seal, seat, float, float valve, float pin,gasket, needle and clips. $9.95

2 vacuum port intake boot
Same as our regular intake boot, but with the rare 2 vacuum ports. $14.95

157QMJ GY6 150cc scooter moped valves springs clips kit

This is a brand new quality complete valve/spring assembly kit for your 125/150cc scooter/atv/buggy chinese engine found in many brands like Tank, Roketa, JMstar, Jonway, Vento, TNG, VIP etc 

This kit includes it all, both valves, inner and outer springs, retainers, caps, valve seals.  $29.95
Note: tappet adjusters are not a part of a valve kit

157QMJ GY6 150cc scooter moped flywheel woodruff key

This is a brand new quality flywheel woodruff locator key for your 125/150cc scooter/atv/buggy chinese engine found in many brands like Tank, Roketa, JMstar, Jonway, Vento, TNG, VIP etc 

These are easy to loose, not to mention irriitating when you can't find it. Get it fast with ScrappyDogs! $3.95

Exhaust stud set for GY6
This is a set of studs for GY6-50 and 150 as direct replacements for those agravating broken off or stripped one's. Get these fast, as we ship same day as payment. We don't want you down anymore than you do. $3.95
GY6 exhaust nuts
Exhaust cap nuts for retaining the exhaust system to the head. Sold as a pair. $3.99 
Intake manifold retaining studs
These are the long studs that screw into the head and retain the intake manifold on both 50 and 150 GY6. $3.95 
Larger exhaust studs
 Been having trouble with exhaust studs breaking off and dropping your exhaust pipe? This is the answer. These are larger diameter and of grade 5 material. They fit our performance heads and can also be retrofitted to standard gy6 heads if you are skilled enough to drill out and tap your head. These are M8x1.25 in size.
GY6 oil screen, cap, seal and spring
Complete GY6 oil strainer replacement kit. Cheap and easy at just $8.95
GY6-150 complete gasket set
All the gaskets you need for your GY6 150 engine. $9.95 
These come in short or long case for the belt cover gasket.
choose your size
150 rear brake shoes
Tired of ordering the gy6 rear brake shoes, only to find out they are too small for your 125/150? These are the correct shoes for you. 5" outside diameter. Fits many standard gy6 models including the hard to find TGB.  $14.95 

Complete oil seal kit
Looking for all those hard to find seals to get your engine running right and not leak? We've got 'em in stock and ready to go quick. $14.95

GY6 regulator rectifier
Regulator rectifier for the 125/150 scooters like Schwinn, Dazon, TNG, Fly, Tank, Roketa, Jonway, JMstar, and others. This has the 6 part connector with male prongs. Below is listed the inverse connector with femail prongs. $19.95

GY6 regulator rectifier (type 2)
Regulator rectifier for the 125/150 scooters like Schwinn, Dazon, TNG, Fly, Tank, Roketa, Jonway, JMstar, and others. This has the 6 part connector with female prongs.  $19.95

GY6 service and repair manual
Here is a CD with tens of megabytes of useful service information for your GY6, 139QMB 139QMA, 157QMJ, CF250, LH170MN VOG Chinese scooter/atv buggy go-kartengine and chassis. This includes some wiring diagrams, the scooter book, some chassis technical info, SYM and Kymco books. Comes on a CD-R ready for you to view or print. $14.95

150 cam chain tensioner
Good quality replacement tensioner for 150. Gasket comes with gasket set only. $9.95

Quality cam chain
Replacement, better than original cam chains for GY6 engines. We have both 50 and 150 chains. Pick your size here. $9.95
chain size

150 cam chain guides
Complete set of cam chain guides. $9.95

150 cooling shroud kit
Complete cooling shroud kit for those of you who need to get this critial cooling component back in place. If this is not in place, your engine will likely overheat and not last very long. $14.95 

Cylinder and head stud kit
Have you ever seen this anywhere else? This is a complete kit of studs and nuts for your GY6 50 and 150. These are the long studs that come from your crankcase up through your cylinder, head, and cam retainer, and cinch down the entire top end. These are better quality than original, and will sustain more torque than original. $12.95
choose your engine

Cylinder dowel kits
How annoying is it to damage these little locator dowels that go between your cylinder and head and crankcase. Get this replacement set quick and cheap. $7.49
choose your size

Standard replacement 125/150 oil pump
Complete, quality replacement oil pump. If you've run out of oil, or stripped that shaft, get it done right and cheap. $14.95

oil pump chain
 Oil pump chain for all gy6 based engines. Better than stock quality so you don't get those catostraphic oil pump failures.
Standard 125/150 replacement camshaft
Good direct replacement cam for your GY6. $24.95

GY6 ignition trigger pickup
Finally someone sells just the pickup trigger for the GY6-50 and 150 separately. It took some doing, but by popular demand and great effort, here they are. This is the unit that tells the CDI when to dump it's load into the coil, which fires the spark plug. $12.95 cheap!
GY6-150 complete piston/ring kit
Complete rebuild set includes 57mm piston, rings, wrist pin, circlips. Cheaper than cheap. $24.95

GY6-150 ring set
Complete set of 57mm rings for the 150 for the really economical rebuild. $9.95 

Variator / Clutch / Flywheel nut
Stripped that nut off of your variator and/or clutch and/or flywheel. Get it right here cheap and fast. Available for GY6-50 and 150, along with the CF250. M10 flywheel nut, M12 variator/clutch nut GY6, M14 CF250 variator nut. $2.95 for any of the nuts!
choose size
GY6 Engine mounting bushing kit
Does you scoot wobble around and just plain feel unsafe? It may very well be that your engine mount swingarm bushings are worn, letting the rear end swing about. Not safe. Very common, but for some reason no one else carries these very necessary parts. Kit includes both pivot bearing bushings, and the rear shock bushing. These are also considered swingarm bushing/bearings because on a scooter, the engine is the swingarm. $19.95
125/150 belt cover bolt set
Complete bolt and accessory set for your GY6 belt cover here available in short and long case. $4.95 
pick your set

starter gear
Here is that tapered kick starter gear behind the variator, mounted on the crankshaft.  $6.95

kick idler gear
GY6 rear idle sprocket assembly with spring. $19.95 

Kick starter spindle shaft
Fits the 150 engine. Includes bushing, gear, shaft, and spring. $12.95 

Shorter gy6 kick start shaft
 Yes, chinese engines seem to always have some oddball parts here and there. Here is the shorter kick shaft found no where else. Overall lenght: 129mm (about 5.10 inches) Comes as shown in pic with shaft, gear, spring, bushing and spacer. 
kick start lever
Kicker lever for the 125/150cc.  $17.49 

GY6 stock air filter element
Standard replacement triangle paper filter element is a direct fit for your stock side mount airbox.   $9.95

GY6 Round stock air filter element
Standard replacement round air filter is a direct replacement for your underseat filter often found in Hunter style chassis. $9.95 

GY6-150 Side mount sport air box
Side mount air box for many GY6-150 scooters! $34.95
Front mount airbox snorkel
This is the rubber intake snorkel connector between the carb and underseat airbox on gy6-150's, usually Hunter style scooters. Quality rubber won't break down like original and get hard. $9.95 

GY6-150 underseat air box (hunter)
Underseat airbox with snorkel for your 150cc Hunter style scooter. $34.95 

GY6 long case belt cover
Replacement CVT left side belt cover fits standard 125 and 150 long case chinese scooters. Good stuff. $39.95

GY6 short belt cover
 quality replacement belt cover for the short case gy6 125 and 150 scooter, atv's, buggies, motorcycles, etc. These usually have a 10" rear wheel.
150 standard exhaust system
Standard replacement exhaust system for that burnt out or broken one. Fits standard gy6-150 and 125cc scooter and atv engines. Super cheap. $64.95 

GY6-150 std exhaust (type 2)
Standard exhaust for the sport model scooters and mopeds like the Hunter style. This is a two piece exhaust with aluminum type muffler canister. Complete matched set ready to install. $79.95

GY6 muffler gasket
Muffler gasket fits between headpipe and muffler on Type 2 sport style and hunter standard exhaust systems. These are commonly leaking and will cause noise, poor running, and even engine damage from a lean condition. Cheap fix. $4.95 
Engine mount/isolation bar
This is the engine mount isolation bar that the engine mounts to the frame with. It is located just behind the carburetor on the top of the engine. Super cheap replacement at only $19.95! 

Right side swingarm (long case)
 Some higher end gy6-150 scooters have a right side swingarm brace which includes a second shock mount and an outer rear wheel bearing. These often get damaged and the outer bearing goes bad. These are a quick and cheap replacement at only. $34.99
Baja, Tank, SUNL, Various unlisted makes/models, Qingqi, JM Star Tomahawk II, GY6 QMI/QMJ 152/157, X-Treme, Vento

Right side swingarm (short case)
 Same right side swingarm as above, just for the short case engine. Most common one is the Vento Hot Rod and Zhen 150T-F. $34.99
BMS Premier 150, Flyscooters La-Vie 150, ZNEN 150T-F, Lance Milan 150
Note: we now also carry performance exhausts for the 2 shock swingarms in our performance 150 section.
Rear axle nut
 Good quality rear axle nut fits all gy6 engine in 150 and 50cc.
GY6-150 long case engine assembly
Complete replacement 150cc 157QMJ long case engine has everything installed and ready to bolt up, unlike other kits. Fits in 125cc applications too. 10 bolt belt cover means it's a long case. These may be used in AutoMoto (check with your mechanic). Saves big on labor and expense, and sure to be right.  Fits scoots with 12" and larger tires.  $374.95

GY6-150 short case engine assembly
 Complete replacement 150cc 157QMJ short case engine has everything installed and ready to bolt up, unlike other kits. Fits in 125cc applications too, as well as many buggy, atv. 8 bolt belt cover means it's a short case. Saves big on labor and expense, and sure to be right.  Fits scoots with 10" tires.  $349.95

161QMK piston/ring set
Need a rebuild on that gy6-170 or big bore set? We have these 61mm piston kits complete with rings, clips, and wrist pin. Refresh that scoot or atv! $29.95 

QMK gasket set
The 161QMK and 162QMK parts are hard to find. We now have the complete gasket set which includes the base and head gasket! $14.95 

Engine not starting well? Engine running heavy and rich and eventually dying out when it begins to warm up? This is likely the fix. Easy one screw replacement. Fits all Chinese 4stroke standard carburetors.Two stroke ones are found in the JOG section. Tank, Sunl, Roketa, Vento, TNG, VIP, Baja, Jonway, JMstar, Peace, Lance, NST, as well as others. GY6 139QMB and 157QMJ. You can afford this one at  $9.95
Six pin WIDE regulator rectifier
These are a rare find indeed. These have a 6 pin connector, with 5 wires, and the plug is wide. These are not your normal regulators, and are not found no were else. Wire colors are: 2 yellows, pink, black, green.
$24.95 with cheap shipping.

GY6-150 cooling fan cover
Stock standard cooling fan cover for the right hand side. You gotta have this cover in place for the engine to be cool, or it will burn up. $ 5.49

Accurate GY6 dipstick
Accurate dipstick for all GY6 50, 125, and 150cc scooter engines. $4.95 If your dipstick isn't accurate, you could cause major engine damage.

12 pole stator and flywheel
 Some higher end gy6 engines in scooters and atv's have this 12pole stator. This can also be used as an upgrade in power and DC ignition systems. This is complete with matching flywheel and ignition trigger. Often found in Zhen and SYM. $79.95 
GY6 variator sheeve
 This is one of the most common wear items on a scooter now available as a separate item outside the kit. Outer sheave here with integrated belt fan. Easy and cheap fix $14.95
GY6 disc brake rear wheel
 13" cast aluminum wheel fits all gy6 engines including 139qmb, 152qmi, and 157qmj which typically have a dual shock. Uses long axle and rear disc brake. $49.95
GY6 left crankcase
 Full complete left side crankcase half that extends from the crank, through the belt case and into the rear transmission.
Unbeatable at only $74.95
GY6 150 Right Side Crank Case
 Perfect match to the left side crankcase. This is the right side of the crank and oil pump etc. Don't get confused, this is a picture of both sides of the same part.
Gy6 rear trans hub case
 Rear transmission hub case half. Pic shows both sides of the same part.
It's a ???????
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